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20 Gift Ideas for a Deployed Marine

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Long distance is rough, no one can deny that. But I think having a service man or woman in your life that is deployed is harder still because you never know what awaits them in their line of work. So to ease the pain of being away here are some gift ideas for your deployed Marine.

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Gift Ideas for a Deployed Marine

I Miss Your Face Candle

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Let your special Marine know how much you miss their face with his lovely candle they can burn and think of you.

If You Miss Pillow

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This is such a sweet gift, whenever you marine misses you he or she can hug this pillow and feel your presence by them.

In Case You Forget Mug

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A sweet daily reminder with a cup of Joe.

Key Ring Set

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Always stay connected with this key ring.

Wooden Room Light

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Fall asleep reminded of your love daily with this neat box.

Catch My Heart Pillowcase

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Remind your partner that you’ve been reeled into love with this matching pillowcase set.

Engraved Pocket Knife

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Handy, romantic and rugged all at once? What more could a marine ask for?

“ Open When” Letters

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A great tool for any and all moments that may come with deployment abroad.

Personalized Portrait

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A sweet and eternal way to show you care!

Wallet Insert Card

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Whenever your partner goes to buy something he or she will always be reminded of you with this wallet insert.

“Be Brave” Engraved Spoon

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A daily reminder to face life with courage, together or apart.

“I Miss Your Face” Chocolates

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I think the chocolates say enough.

Greeting Card “ I Miss Your Face”

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Send a sweet and silly card filled with pictures or something from home!


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Fill your journal up with daily tidbits and thoughts and may it out every month and have your partner mail his thoughts and adventures too.

One Day Closer Pocket Coin

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An anxiety reliever, a distraction and romantic reminder that they are always one day closer to getting home and back to you!

While You Were Away for Deployment

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A great journal to gift once your Marine returns!

Here I am Tee

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For when your Marine returns home.

Meal Enhancement Kit

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Some meals may feel harder than others, but some seasonings just make you feel like home! Gift your Marine a little taste of heaven with this meal enhancement kit!

Divided by Duty Set

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Even when apart you’ll always be together with this set.

Long Distance Picture Frame

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Pick your favorite pictures to send to your loved one to look at when he misses you most.

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