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Christmas Gift Ideas for Anime Fans

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Anime. While a lot of people consider it cartoons for the older generation, there’s no doubt that there’s a multitude of shows that appeal to all ages and we’re fairly sure that you’ve got a few Anime fans in your life. That means you probably need some Christmas gift ideas for anime fans!

There are a plethora of series out there when it comes to Anime and it really makes it no easy task when it comes to finding that perfect gift for someone who adores it.

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There is a never-ending supply when it comes to Anime-related merchandise, so it’s a veritable retail minefield out there when it comes to finding that great present. With all of these choices around, it’s bound to be a bit overwhelming when shopping so we’ve come to the rescue with this compilation of some of the best gifts you’ll find when it comes to the world of Japanese animated series.

An Arsenal Of Awesome Anime Gifts That Make Great Christmas Presents!

Embark on your own adventure and nail that next special event with an item or two from these 40 amazing Christmas gift ideas for Anime fans!

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The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: How to Draw Original Characters from Simple Templates – A How to Draw Anime / Manga Books Series (Volume 1)

The Master’s Guide To Drawing Anime (Paperback)

First off on the list, we’ve included this guide on how to actually create Anime! There is a vast majority of fans out there that would love to learn how to create their own so this book is a no-brainer when it comes to a great gift!

Kawaii Anime Cat Shirt Japanese Ramen Noodles Gift TShirt T-Shirt

Kawaii Anime Cat Shirt

If you know Anime fans, you know that they love just about everything kawaii and this shirt is definitely that! Featuring cats in a bowl while they snuggle up to chopsticks and eat noodles, it’s bound to warm even the iciest heart!

Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack 'Dagashi' Economical 34 Packs of 27 Types

Assorted “Dagashi” Junk Food Snack

A majority of Anime fans love most things Japanese and we’re sure that this assorted bag of Japanese junk food is no exception! Packed full with 34 packages from 27 assorted types of junk food, they’re sure to enjoy snacking on this during their next binge watch of Attack On Titan!

FLYMEI Anime Backpack for Boys, 15.6'' Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port, Bookbag for School with Anti-Theft Lock, Black Teens Backpack Cool Backpack for Boys, Music Boy

FLYMEI Anime Luminous Backpack

This backpack is not only insanely stylish, but it also has a massive amount of utility as well! Featuring a USB charger, an anti-theft locking system, it also even has a cool glow in the dark feature that lasts for over 4 hours after 20 minutes of solar charge!

MYKA - Personalized Japanese Name Necklace for Woman, Her, Men, Him - Custom Made with Any Name - Unisex Jewelry Gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday - in Sterling Silver or Gold Plating

Japanese Name Necklace

This nifty necklace is made from sterling silver and comes on different sized chains depending on your order. Fully customizable to be the name of the gift recipient! Very neat!

Anime Coloring Book

Anime Coloring Book

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With 20 different high-quality, 8×10 images to color in and enjoy, this is quite a swell gift for Anime fans! It also features single-sided pages to prevent bleeding throughout the coloring book so the pages can be preserved as simple art pieces!

Japanese Design Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Black Ceramic Tea Pot and Cups Set Serves 4 Beautifully Packaged in Gift Box Excellent Home Decor Asian (Black Maneki Neko Set)

Maneki Neko Teapot and Cup Set

Even people who aren’t huge fans of Anime would love this adorable gift! Featuring Lucky Cats and designed to look like black cast iron, this set includes a teapot with a strainer and four teacups!

GUND Pusheen Snackable Sushi Plush, Stuffed Animal for Ages 8 and Up, 9.5”, Gray

Pusheen Plush

Every fan of Anime-related material knows this chubby gray tabby! This Pusheen is super plush, 9.5 inches tall and is made by the oldest soft toymaker in America: Gund!

Dragon Ball Set 7pc Star Ball 45MM Dragonball Z Anime Cosplay with Gifting Box

Dragon Ball Set

Most Anime fans have seen the Dragonball series or some spinoff from the original and if they haven’t? They really should! While we can’t promise that collecting all seven of these are going to bring Shenron around to grant a wish, we also can’t promise that it won’t!

Kimkoala Night Light Cats Figures, 2 Pcs Resin Black Cats with Night Lamp Action Figure Toys for Children Gift for Home Garden Decoration

Kiki’s Delivery Service Cats Lamps

This two-pack of adorable mini lamps are sure to please any Anime fan! Based on the cats from the beloved Kiki’s Delivery Service, these matching mini lamps will look wonderful on any desk or bedside table.

Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Cowboy Bebop: Complete Series (Blu-Ray)

Any Anime fan worth their salt has seen the Cowboy Bebop series but does the fan in your life own it on Blu-Ray? Give them the gift of roaming the universe with bounty hunters Spike, Jet, and Faye, binge-watching the entire series with some Dagashi junk food perhaps?

Funko Pop Animation: Full Metal Alchemist - Ed (Styles May Vary) Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Fullmetal Alchemist Funko Pop Set

One of the most famous Animes of all time gets the iconic Funko bobblehead makeover! The gang is all here with Edward, Al, Winry, and even Colonel Mustang in this four-piece collection. The only disappointing thing is that Ed isn’t shorter than the rest of the figures!

Great Eastern Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband,Black

Naruto Headband

Let’s just admit it: Whenever someone thinks “Anime fan”, they think about this headband. What kind of friend would you be if you wouldn’t help the Anime lover in your life fit the stereotype?

Soul Eater - Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Soul Eater: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray)

With one of the most unique and compelling storylines created within the Anime community, Soul Eater was bound to make this list and this likely won’t be the last trace of them either! This Blu-Ray contains every episode of the series in wonderful high definition and is sure to please any Anime lover in your life!

Attack on Titan Sword

Attack On Titan Sword

You were expecting a plastic replica perhaps? Nay! This sword is 36 inches, crafted from carbon steel and even includes a leather sheath! We can’t promise that anyone will be slaying titans with it, but we can say that it’ll make a rad decorative piece.

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Pikachu Coin Bank

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Of course, Pikachu would be responsible for one of the cutest piggy banks we’ve ever seen! This awesome Pikachu bank has the electric mouse reach out and snag whatever coin you put on the base and even has him speak while he does it!

Eat. Sleep. Anime. Repeat. Gift Pullover Hoodie

Eat. Sleep. Anime. Repeat. Hoodie

For the Anime fan that really knows what they want from life. This black pullover hoodie features the mantra “Eat. Sleep. Anime. Repeat.” along with illustrations for the words. Fitting for anyone that lives and breaths Japanese animated series!

Banpresto One Punch Man DXF-Premium Figure-Saitama, Multicolor

Saitama Figurine

One Punch Man has risen in popularity exponentially over the last few years and it’s with very good reason. A lovable show with great action and storyline, the main protagonist and most powerful being in the show is featured here and even includes a base stand!

Great Eastern Entertainment 9872 Wall Scroll, Poster, Multi-Colored

Death Note Wall Scroll

Wall scrolls are a staple of the Anime community and have been so for many years and this is definitely one of the coolest ones that we’ve come across. Featuring the death note from the Anime of the same name, it’s guaranteed to look great on any fan’s wall!

Ghibli Studio Art Print

Most people who enjoy Anime tend to enjoy the Ghibli Studio films and this is your chance to help them show off their adoration with pride! All their favorite movies are showcased in this super detailed art print.

Custom Anime Painted Vans

These Vans are sure to add some very awesome style into your Anime fan’s wardrobe. Custom made from any Anime series of the fan’s choice, these sneakers are also available in two different styles and are guaranteed to please!

Baka Messenger Bag

While we admit that this bag is very stylish and quite awesome with how spacious it is and the fact that it’s high quality for a reasonable amount, we still wonder why someone would proudly proclaim that they are “Baka”. Either way, this bag is rad!

I’m Not Short T-Shirt

If you’ve got that short Anime fan in your life that has a sense of humor or wants a different way of wording it? We’ve got this shirt for them! Featuring the words “I’m not short, I’m just chibi”, it’s certain to be an adorable addition to their wardrobe! Most t-shirts make great Christmas gift ideas for anime fans, if we’re being honest.

Maka’s Scythe

Whether it’s for cosplay purposes or for just sitting around and looking really flippin’ awesome, this scythe makes for an insanely good gift! We can’t promise that it won’t transform into an angsty teenage boy though!

Fullmetal Alchemist Rug

This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest items on our list! This unique rug is printed with the transmutation circle right out of the show. Definitely a must-have for the Anime fan who likes to decorate their home in style.

Akira Movie Poster

Undoubtedly one of the greatest and most famous Anime films of all time, this list would be absolutely incomplete without an Akira entry. This print is a replica of the classic movie poster and comes in a multitude of sizes from 8×10 up to a whopping 24×36!

Gengar Crystal Pokeball

One of the coolest Ghost-type pokemon and definitely one of our favorites! Gengar is presented in a ball made from actual glass and even includes a display stand. Definitely a breathtaking gift!

Seven Deadly Sins Decal

Representing the major sins in the Seven Deadly Sins series, you can choose whatever symbol you find coolest. These decals are perfect for that Anime fan that loves this series and wants to show it off on their vehicle or laptop!

AUCHOIS Lamon Liphontcta 48 Recent Anime 1 Inch Pins/Buttons/Badges Garden Portable Neck Fan, Hands-Free Bladeless Fan, 360° Cooling Personal Fan.

Anime Buttons

If you’ve got a fan in your life that loves accessorizing their wardrobe with buttons, then we have the gift for you! This huge lot of buttons contains 48 of these Anime pins from a multitude of different series!

Trigun: Complete Series Box Set (Classic)

Trigun: Complete Series (DVD)

Trigun is a classic Anime series that we’re sure most fans have experienced. If the fan in your life hasn’t experienced the wonderful adventures of Vash the Stampede yet? You should remedy that with this box set of the complete series!

Princess Mononoke [Blu-ray]

Studio Ghibli Movies on BluRay

This movie collection is a must-have for any Anime fan! Sadly they don’t have a bundle, but if your friend or family member likes to collect anime movies these tin-cased blurays make gorgeous gifts for Christmas.

Vanknight Vinyl Decal Skin Stickers Cover Anime for Regular PS4 Console Play Station 4 Controllers Ken

Tokyo Ghoul Playstation 4 Skin

Fans of Tokyo Ghoul rejoice! We have you covered as well! This sleek and stylish skin protects the console from dust and scratches and also includes two controller skins. A very rad and thoughtful gift.

Custom Anime Print

Now we end our list with a bang! This is a chance to give the Anime fan in your life what they really want: To become an Anime character themselves! Commission this artist to turn your friend or family member into an Anime character and receive a digital and a physical print! Outstanding!

While we didn’t have to travel to Japan to find the best gifts, we did scour the internet far and wide and we’re pretty satisfied with what we’ve come back with. Did you find that perfect gift for the Anime fan in your life? Maybe you’re crazy about the culture yourself and you found something that you couldn’t help but order! Why not let us know? Hit us up on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thanks for checking out 40 Amazing Christmas Gift ideas For Anime Fans!

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