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Housewarming Gifts for Geeks

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Moving is always such a special occasion and these housewarming gifts for geeks make it even better. While it makes you want to pull your hair out, it also gives you a breath of fresh air and a sense of wonder with your new home.

Any adult who has ever moved knows the struggle when you first get into your new home and realize that you don’t have certain appliances or you’re missing that small thing that makes life a tad bit easier!

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You should know that such a wide array of fandoms out there this only scratches the surface, but it’s a good start!

Housewarming Gifts For Geeks For A Nerdy Nest

Being a geek myself, I know the struggle of finding that certain something that proudly proclaims “I’m a nerd and I love it!” whenever someone enters my home. That being so, I’ve totally got your back with this list of housewarming gifts for geeks.

It always warms my heart when a friend knows my fandoms well enough to pick a practical and totally geeky gift.

Housewarming Gifts for Geeks: Various shades of green and white succulent planters shaped like the Pokémon Bulbasaur.

Succulent Bulbasaur planter

If you have any Pokémon gardeners in your life, give them the gift of a small herd of Bulbasaurs!

Retro Game Hardware Artwork

This artwork is a great addition to any geek’s home – so it’s a perfect option for a housewarming. Just make sure you know what their favorite console (new or old) is before you choose one!

There’s also other tech if they’re more of a phone or computer geek, too.

We Tried This One!

“As a gamer myself I definitely would appreciate this one as a housewarming gift. They look really good in person and are a good size!” – Everett

Yellow Nintendo block that holds Nintendo switch games.

Nintendo Switch Games Block

Old school gamers have rejoiced for the Nintendo Switch, keep their new cartridges safe in this delightful block.

Three prints that look like a Nintendo controlled when places next to each other.

Nintendo Controller Print Set

This print is perfect for the truly dedicated Nintendo lover and it even looks a bit Art Deco!

Round clear Pokémon terrarium.

Pokémon Terrarium (for Display)

I thought this was a darling little indoor garden but it turns out that it’s the lowest maintenance environment you could ask for!

Housewarming Gifts for Geeks: Round wooden Cthulhu coaster.

Cthulhu Slate Coasters

Natural slate is the perfect setting for a Cthulhu.

White coffee mug with navy blue inside and handle with moogle cat on it.

Moogle Coffee Mug

A slightly silly combination of coffee shop vibes and a Final Fantasy reference would put a smile on your coffee drinking nerd’s face.

Man wearing a white hoodie with a skull and Tetris pieces coming out of it.

Tetris Hoodie

Stay warm in high tech style. We could all have used one of these when we moved into our stone-cold apartment.

Three silver full metal alchemist ouroboros keychaines.

Full Metal Alchemist Ouroboros Keychain

A new keychain for a new set of home keys is most appropriate.

Three different sizes twitch drinking glasses.

Custom Twitch Drinking Glass

A toast to the new home with your gaming geek’s gamertag on one of these custom made glasses. Perfect for the Twitch streamer in your life!

Grey square pillow with anime print on it.

Anime Pillow

Totoro never ever fails to make me smile – this pillow is perfect for a chair or sofa.

Housewarming Gifts for Geeks: Star wars death star planter.

Star Wars Planter

This unique planter is will make a great centerpiece for their new home. Gift it with some fresh flowers for a beautiful housewarming gift for the geeks in your life.

Housewarming Gifts for Geeks: Hodor bookends.

Hodor Bookends

This Game of Thrones reference is a fun way to hold up the books on their shelf. You could even pair it with a gift card to the book store or a cookbook for the new home.

My neighbor totoro lamps, one holding a leaf to look like a lamp and the other an umbrella.

My Neighbour Totoro Lamp

This lamp is amazing – great for a nursery or a reading nook.

taking an online cooking course

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

If your geek friend is past the cool factor of samurai kitchen swords, and into perfecting their skills, a Rouxbe online cooking course might be just the thing to get them spending some solid time in their new home. These self-paced courses are available on a variety of topics, or a membership model, and make an excellent gift. Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

Superhero napkin print.

Superhero Napkins

Environmentally friendly, reduce waste, and heroic? Yes please.

Old School Marvel Heroes Lamp Shade

I love having one old timey Marvel item in a room – a lamp shade is one of those unexpected touches.

Three minimalist star wars wall prints.

Minimalist Star Wars Wall Prints

We are the worst at putting up photos when we move but art prints like these look great on the wall or propped up on the mantel.

Black doctor who gallifreyan clock.

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Clock

Is there anything more timey wimey than this Gallifreyan clock?

Box set of star wars whiskey decanter set.

Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

I don’t even drink much anymore and I love this set. If your Star Wars geek appreciates whiskey, they should appreciate it even more poured from this decanter.

Doctor who themed flower vase.

T.A.R.D.I.S. Vase

Nothing can beat bringing a bouquet of flowers in a vase to a housewarming party or first visit. This Doctor Who inspired painted one is a great geeky touch, and looks amazing too.

Being a geek myself, I know the struggle of finding that certain something that proudly proclaims “I’m a nerd and I love it!” whenever someone enters my home. That being so, I’ve totally got your back with this list of 20 Great Housewarming Gifts For Geeks!

HAUS AND HUES Retro Video Game Posters for Walls Video Game Wall Art and Gamer Poster | Gamer Decor for Boys Room | Gamer Wall Art Video Game Prints UNFRAMED (Controller, 16x20 Black Framed)

Gamer Framed Picture

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Give them something to hang up in their new home as a geeky housewarming gift. This retro inspired framed picture is going to be loved by any gamer in your life.

The Noble Collection The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

Harry Potter Wand Remote Control

People are always losing their remote, aren’t they? Make sure your fan never wants to put theirs down with this nifty gadget. Accio remote!

Ambesonne Video Games Shower Curtain, Colorful Retro Gaming Computer Brick Blocks Image Game Digital 90's Play, Cloth Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, 69' W x 70' L, Multicolor

Tetris Shower Curtain

Doesn’t take a nerd to know that Tetris is welcome in any part of any home. Bathrooms are no exception. This is one rad shower curtain!

Pokémon Hand Towels

Who doesn’t love the adorable Poke faces? We all know that Pokémon are welcome in any geek’s home and these are nifty little hand towels!

NES Cartridge Cutting Board

Alright, I’m just gonna go ahead and say when I saw this, I said to myself: “I gotta get me one of these!”. Any gamer that is also an adult that knows the value of a good cutting board is gonna go nuts over this one!

FreezerBoy (TM) Dry-Erase Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets

Gameboy Refrigerator Magnets

Your refrigerator is big and white. Gameboys are too. Coincidence? I think not.

Moptrek one Drink Coasters Blanked label Retro 3.5 Inches Floppy Disk All-weather, 4.7 x 3.6', Set of 6 Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Cherry, and Green

Floppy Disk Coasters

Older geeks may not only know what these are but may have actually been forced to use these at some point in their lives! It’s a shocker, I know, but I’m sure they’ll absolutely dig these coasters.

Paladone Super Mario Brothers Question Block Lamp, Light Up Figure

Mario Question Block Lamp

This lamp is perfect for any gamer with its own home. They’re sure to cherish it but let’s just hope they don’t bust it open looking for mushrooms, yeah?

The Shredder Shredder - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cheese Grater - Stainless Steel

Shredder Shredder

Everyone has had that moment where they’re like “Jeez. I really need a grater right now.”. Not anymore because Shredder has them covered! What a grate gift!

Harry Potter Alohomora Doormat - 100% Coir Rubber Back Door Mat

Alohomora Doormat

Another Harry Potter entry! This is definitely one of the coolest doormats I’ve come across and, for unrelated reasons, I’m going to need to stay away from Amazon for a while.

Marvel Captain America Shield 2-Slice Toaster

Captain America Toaster

Making toast has never been so cool…or patriotic. This toaster is sure to be a welcome staple in a geek’s appliance collection and it even toasts the Captain America emblem into the bread!

Marvel Spider-Man MVS-300CN Pancake Maker

Spider-Man Pancake Maker

Who doesn’t love pancakes? That’s right. No one. Who doesn’t love pancakes that have Spider-Man’s symbol indented into them? Exactly!

Wink Chemist's Spice Rack, 14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

Chemist Spice Rack

You don’t have to be a chemist to feel like one when it comes to cooking in the kitchen with this sweet spice rack! Any geek worth….their salt…would love this one!

Iron Throne Toilet Decal

Got a geeky friend with a sense of humor? Turn the throne in their bathroom into their very own personal iron throne!

Pac Man Heat Change Ceramic Coffee Mug - Officially Licensed

Pac-Man Color Changing Mug

The geek in your life is going to need something to drink their daily caffeine fix from, right? This awesome mug changes from a blank map to showing Pac-Man and the ghosts whenever it gets hot!

Minecraft TNT Block 6-Inch Ceramic Cookie Jar Container With Lid | Kitchen Storage For Snacks
Buy on Amazon

After harvesting sugarcane and collecting cocoa beans, your geek is going to need a little something to fill up those hunger bars. Which is why this Minecraft cookie jar is perfect for those looking for a quick way to dig into their hand-crafted snacks.

Retro Legend of Zelda Decorative Wall Plaque Key Leash Coat Jewlery Hook Holder Hanger 8' X 6'

Zelda Keyholder

“It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this with you!”. Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to rushing out the door and nearly forgetting your keys. What a thoughtful and cool gift!

Is there something out there that you absolutely love to give to your geeky friends? Or something you’d truly love to receive? I’m sure they’re going to be thrilled to get one of these gifts!

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