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20 Gifts for Your Meme Trash Friends

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They’re the deepest, darkest form of internet humor. The ever changing, ever repeating, often random cataclysm that has forever shaped our joking landscape. That is, the internet meme. You’re meme trash. Your friends are. Here’s some gifts so you don’t mess up their birthdays or something.

Nut Button

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When someone buys you a hilarious meme gift for your birthday that you didn’t even know existed.

No Step on Snek Flag

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No! Don’t do it! We must protec snek. This meme started as a serious flag and slowly transformed to the meme it is today. This flag is inspired by one some US marines drew by hand.

All Your Keys

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Time to resurrect an old, dead meme for some Frankenstein level reconstruction. This key holder is a reference to the early 90s “all your base” meme.

This is Fine Mug

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Let everyone know that you’re absolutely perfectly fine while you drink your morning coffee and watch your life spiral out of control in ways you never imagined possible. Drink up!

Sad Pepe Pin

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Rare sad Pepe pin sighted for your enjoyment. Please use caution as other non-Pepe meme pins are also available.

Meme Activity Book

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Relive simpler times when all you had to worry about was staying in the lines and eating Fruit Roll ups. It won’t stop you from inching closer to your inevitable demise, but it will distract you for a few minutes from the crippling anxiety.

Gold Star

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You get a gold star because at least you tried your best. So what if you’re never going to accomplish anything, boomers destroyed the economy anyway.

Just Do It Tank

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For the fitness enthused meme lord. Shia LaBeouf offers his green screened inspiration to help your little athlete try their hardest.

Noot Noot Tote

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Noot noot*.

*translation: Get this Pingu meme tote bag so they can carry all their dank memes around during that one time a week they leave the house.

Knuckles Socks

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The description says “for the Knuckles meme fan who has everything”. It’s a problematic meme but we won’t tell anyone what’s hiding under your shoes.

Assorted Meme Stickers

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Can’t decide which meme you want to gift? Broke af and don’t want to spend much money? Don’t just get one meme, get all the memes for this low low price.

You Meme The World to Me

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Who says that you can’t have romance with memes? Or maybe it’s time to give something really special to your best friend so they know how much you care. Show someone you love they meme the world to you.

Milk and Vine Book

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Sometimes nihilism wears you down, I get it. This book will stimulate the mind and reinvigorate the soul by reminiscing of days gone by. Vines are no longer with us, but that doesn’t mean their light and wisdom should die with them.

You Mess With Crabo Shirt

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Kind of straightforward and a little bit threatening. Wearing this shirt will make you look like a badass, as if you yourself are crabo giving out the stabos.

What do You Meme Expansions

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If they don’t already have it, pick up the base game, but chances are you’ve already tried this hilarious party game. Old memes get stale so it’s time to freshen them up with a home grown batch of brand new memes for your next party.

Hitch Cover

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Get them while driving with the “when you see it” meme. It covers the hitch on your vehicle so you can troll everyone around you every time you’re out of the house.

Nicholas Cage Mug

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The mug you never knew you needed. Perfect choice to take the office or to give to loved ones as a housewarming gift. Everyone needs a Nicholas Cage mug in their life.

Catnip Tide Pods

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Tired of tasting the forbidden fruit all on your lonesome? Get your cat involved! They look like tasty Tide Pods but they’re actually filled with tasty-to-cats catnip.

Aware of Dog Sign

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A warning to others who enter the property: aware of dog. Once they are aware then can they pleas pet dog, that would be great. Doggo likes pets.

Deal With it Glasses

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There isn’t a clear way to make these fall down into their head with comedic timing but at least they can show the world they’re meme trash by wearing these pixelated glasses out and about.

If you could leave a comment with your favorite meme, that would be great. No reason, I just like memes.

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