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20 Christmas Presents For 13 Year Old Boy

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Think back to the day when you were thirteen years old….You would go to the school dance and all the girls hung out on one side of the room and the boys on the other. You didn’t have a care in the world except for maybe what kind of snack you were going to have after school. You were still at the age when it was totally acceptable to still play with toys and no one thought a thing about it. Ohhh….to be so young! I have gathered some really awesome gift ideas for that sweet 13-year-old boy in your life! Okay, he may not ALWAYS be sweet, but for the most part!

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The Best Christmas Presents For 13 Year Old Boy

Video Gaming Chair

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This chair is simply amazing! It has speakers and a subwoofer. It rocks for when the game is super intense! I promise there will be hours of fun spent in this chair!

Sky Viper Interactive Robot

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Whoa! They didn’t have toys this cool when I was a kid! This robot will blow your mind. You can even see what the robot see’s with your tablet or cell phone.

Lego Technic Whack

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Time for your kiddo to get creative with this lego building kit. It has over 135 pieces and once it is put together it is ready to race!


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You are missing out if you haven’t played Spikeball yet. It is for people of all ages and it is really easy to learn how to play. This is a must-have game.

Doinkit Darts

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These magnetic darts are perfect for 13-year-olds! You don’t have to worry about them poking someone’s eye out and they can have a blast playing! Who knows…he may even let you play a game or two when his friends aren’t there.

eYotto Sports Watch

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This sleek watch is waterproof which is the kind of watch any teen needs. Now he can’t tell you he was late because he didn’t know what time it was!

Wonder Chopper Stunt Drone

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Awesome beginner drone that has improved control for less crashing. It even does some stunt flips and has led lights. Really fun!

Totally Gross: The Game of Science

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Be prepared for some good laughs with this game. Plus, you learn lots of stuff while you are having fun. Win Win!


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What an enormous universe we live in. Giving this telescope will allow your child to really see into space. You can even see Mars! How cool is that?

Foot Zip Line Kit Break Seat

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Easy step-by-step guide allows for fast and easy assembly. Imagine your kids face when he realizes he is going to be zip lining in his own backyard.

Firestick TV With Alexa

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You can never go wrong with a Firestick TV! It is amazing to have all your favorite apps and channels in one place. This gift won’t break the bank either!


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Get your hands steady for this tricky family fun game! You have to use your mind and skills all while having a blast!

Official Pop-A-Shot

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If your home isn’t currently the hang out for all the teenage boys in the area, it will be! No one can resist playing a round or two of this insanely fun basketball game.

Not Parents Approved: A Card Game

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Hilarious game that will leave you with stomach pains from laughing so hard! Anyone over the age of 8 will go crazy over this game.

Tabletop Air Hockey

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Imagine the hours of laughs and air hockey competitions that are going to go down with this tabletop game! Amusing fun for the whole family.

Nintendo 3DS XL

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Fantastic size so it can be taken anywhere. Long car rides, getting stuck watching his little sisters dance class or just sitting around the house will be much more entertaining with this gaming device.

The Guy’s Guide To God, Girls And The Phone In Your Pocket

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This Christian based book is an amazing gift for any teen boy. This book talks about faith and also adds some humor while teaching some very important topics.

Handy Home Tool Kit

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Every 13-year-old boy needs his own tool kit! Now he can start being a little man and will enjoy fixing some things around the house. He may even change a lightbulb here and there without being asked!

VicTsing Shower Speaker

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It’s not the easiest to talk you kid into showering, but this speaker may help! He will love listening to his favorite music. It’s portable so he can take it anywhere.

I Love My Mom Tee

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Be sure to read the fine print on this t-shirt! A hilarious shirt that is perfect if your kid is a big gamer. It’s made of cotton and comes in a variety of colors.

What was your favorite gift you received as a teenager? There are so many awesome options for kids nowadays!

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