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Mother’s Day Gifts for Crafty Moms

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My mom is crafty (in more ways than one) and you’d think that would make Mother’s Day shopping a little bit easier… But it doesn’t. Here’s some Mother’s Day gifts for the crafty, hard to shop for moms in your life – that she can actually use.

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Creative Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Crafting

These crafting themed gifts are the perfect way to spoil your crafty mom this Mother’s Day. There’s a bit of everything – some fun ideas, practical options, and even a some funny gift ideas. If knitting is her thing, you may also like these Mother’s Day Gifts for Knitters too.

Hot Glue Gun

Get her something that’s great quality and is easy to use. Glue guns are kind of the go-to for craft projects so mom will welcome one as a gift, especially a cordless one, so the cord doesn’t get in the way and accidentally wreck something!

Showing many different fabrics all with different patterns.


There’s so many DIY projects mom can embellish with a bit of fabric. Even if she doesn’t sew, fabric can be used in scrapbooking or other crafts.

White portable sewing machine with the box for it behind it.

Portable Sewing Machine

Great for those quick fixes or small craft projects! Mom will be able to save the day even more than she already does.

Custom Stamp

A really cool, personalized gift for Mother’s Day! This stamp can be customized so that mom can put her name on everything she creates.

Lap Crafting Table

If mom isn’t lucky enough to have a craft room (or wants to watch tv) she can still get those projects done on the couch. This tray has compartments so everything will be within reach.

Mother's Day Gifts for Crafty Moms: Showing any different colored metallic pens.

Metallic Pens

Get mom started with calligraphy or enhance her craft projects with these pens. It’s always a fun surprise to get new craft supplies!

Mother's Day Gifts for Crafty Moms: White plastic paint brush holder.

Paint Brush Holder

No more searching for the right paint brush for your mom when you give her this awesome Mother’s Day gift. Throw in a packet of paintbrushes for an even bigger surprise.

Crafty Shirt

Because you’re her greatest DIY project.

Black case opened showing a label maker inside.

Label Maker

Not only can she use it to enhance her crafting projects but mom will be thrilled to finally label all of her craft supplies. This is a quality model with a nice storage case.

Craft Room Sign

Something thoughtful for her craft room or just to be hung around the house, this sign is definitely going to make mom happy on Mother’s Day.

cricut machine gift for mother's day

Cricut Machine

There’s no such thing as too many crafting tools! If your crafty mom doesn’t already have one of these then what are you waiting for? It can be used in so many ways and these are a must-have, slightly pricey item, so she will love it as a gift!

White clear craft storage cart shown with each level full of crafting supplies.

Craft Storage

The problem isn’t that mom has too many craft supplies, the problem is that she doesn’t have enough places to store them. Help her out.

funny crafty candle for mom

Crafty Mom Candle

Something a little bit different for Mother’s Day. Treat mom to some relaxation as she burns this funny “crafty” themed candle. It’s infused with glitter, hot glue, and a big mess… Apparently.

Crochet Mode Shirt

Maybe she already has enough craft supplies (not sure if that’s possible) so grab a sweatshirt for mom instead.

Wooden box opened showing wooden stamp set.

Stamp Set

Use your imagination and think about what kind of crafts your mom likes to make when choosing stamps as a gift for Mother’s Day. Or go with something natural, like these letters.

Craft Room Art Print

Pick this print up in the size that will fit best then pick out a frame that really suits mom for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Personalized Tape Measure

So mom’s out shopping and needs a tape measure… Boom! She pulls out the personalized tape measure that her favourite child bought her for Mother’s Day.

Tote Bag

Because sometimes crafts need to be transported.

Coffee Mug

Coffee goes great with all-night-last-minute-omg-the-party-is-tomorrow crafting sessions. Perk mom up with one that suits her personality.

embroidery machine

Embroidery Machine

If mom does any kind of sewing or wants to get into embroidery this is a “wow” Mother’s Day gift. Think of all the personalized towels you’ll be getting in return!

If these Mother’s Day gifts for crafty moms aren’t enough you can also include a gift card to mom’s favorite craft store if you really want to win Mother’s Day favour.


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