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20 Father’s Day Gifts for Engineers

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If your father is an engineer, you may be searching for a gift that caters to him being one. This list is full of awesome ideas! Be sure to check them out and pick the one you think he will enjoy the most this Father’s Day. Let the dad in your life know you appreciate and care for them with a personalized gift that fits their career.

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Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Engineers

Custom Engineer Bobblehead

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You can have this engineer bobblehead made in his likeness for him.

Funny Engineering Flowchart Travel Mug

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This funny engineering flowchart on a travel mug is just hilarious, and will also help him caffeinate while on the go too.

“I turn coffee into code” Shirt

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He turns coffee into code! This shirt would pair really well with the travel mug right above it too.

“Who cares? You’re on coding time” Wall Clock

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It doesn’t matter what time it is. After all, he is on coding time.

Declassified Rocket Blueprint Necktie

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Some of the most important work your dad does is important and beyond anyone else’s comprehension.

Wheels of Steel Cufflinks

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The wheels of steel are sure strong!

Engineer Shaped USB Flash Drive

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This engineer shaped USB flash drive will help him save his work from the computer.

“Building the bridges to tomorrow” Shirt

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With the type of work that engineers do, he is helping build bridges to tomorrow, advancing us every single day.

“I see you have graph paper, you must be plotting something” Mug

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If someone has graph paper, they must be plotting something, right?

“Engineered to perfection” Throw Pillow

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The pillow is engineered to napping perfection.

“I have potential” Travel Mug

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He has the potential to make things happen after he has drunk his coffee.

“I build robots and I know things” Shirt

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If he is the kind of engineer that builds robots, he knows things that others can’t possibly understand about them.

Handcrafted Mechanical Pencil

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This handcrafted mechanical pencil will make getting work done much faster, easier, and enjoyable.

NASA Patent Prints

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Imagine how awesome these NASA patent prints will look on his home or office walls.

Wood Business Card Holder with Code Design

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The perfect place to keep all the business cards he collects is in this wooden business card holder with a code design on it.

“I’m not old, I’m vol-t-age” Shirt

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He isn’t old, no way! He’s vol-t-age!

“Truss me, I’m a civil engineer” Mug

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Trusses hold up bridges, and they are very trustworthy!

“Art without engineering is dreaming, engineering without art is calculating” Printable

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Without engineering or art, our world would not be what it is. Frame this print for him to hang up on his home or office wall to inspire him.

“99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code, take one down and patch it up, 117 bugs in the code” Shirt

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When he takes a bug out, many more pop up in its place!

“It’s not a bug, it’s a FEATURE” Coaster

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For those pesky bugs he can’t get rid of, they become a feature.

Engineers have pretty awesome gifts and your dad will love whichever one you choose for him this Father’s Day.

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