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Mother’s Day Gifts for Knitters

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Moms can be so hard to shop for and they never seem to tell you what they want. If your mom or grandma loves to knit, these Mother’s day gifts for knitters are the perfect way to spoil them this year. So many practical and fun ideas here!

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Knitters

My mom is a knitter, so I know first hand what shopping for someone who loves to knit is like. Knitters usually love practical gifts that make knitting easier, plus fun knitting related gifts too. After all, knitting isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

Mother's Day Gifts for Knitters: Blue bag for organizing yarn.

Yarn Organizer

Knitters have a lot of yarn, but just to be clear, never enough. Get her something to organize and transport it easily.

Electronic Stitch Counter

Electronic Stitch Counter

If she keeps losing her place knitting because the drama on tv is too good these electronic stitch counters can help.

Showing over 30 bamboo knitting needles all in a row.

Bamboo Knitting Needles

Knitting with bamboo is different than metal needles in a great way. Get her something that she might not get for herself because “she already has enough”.

Mother's Day Gifts for Knitters: Book showing a girl in a snow jacket with knitted hedgehogs making a snowball on the book background, with font on the top saying Knitted animal scarves mitts, and socks.

Knitting Book

Get her a book with patterns of things she might not have made otherwise, or something that interests her. Alternatively, grabbing patterns of things you want her to make is a great hint hint. (Yes mom I do need more socks).

needle sizer for knitting

Needle Sizer

This handy tool will help mom determine needle sizing. It also has a magnifying strip if she struggles to read the tiny numbers.

Silver chain with thee balls of yarn made of wire on it.

Ball of Yarn Necklace

Knitting gifts don’t have to be old fashioned. Get mom something modern like this necklace.

Knitting Time Clock

This is probably why mom was late for Mother’s Day brunch.

White bag with knitting accessories in it.

Needle Holder

Rather than having them all in a bin help mom get organized this Mother’s Day by giving her this needle holder.

Knitting Ring

Not only does it look pretty, this knitting ring will help mom knit faster than ever.

White book bag with black font that says Know you cuts of lamb, with a lamb below.

Knitflicks and Wine Bag

Even mom can appreciate a good joke. Get her a bag for her knitting that highlights the better things in life.

White coffee mug with black font that says If I can't bring my knitting I'm not going. With a blue yarn ball and black needles in the background.

Knitting Mug

Coffee mugs always make great Mother’s Day gifts but get her one that’s more suited to her interests. Like this one that says “if I can’t bring my knitting I’m not going”.

20 different colored yarns shown.


You know what? You just can’t go wrong getting a knitter more yarn.

Stitch 'n bitch the knitter's handbook. with two ladies on it knitting.

Knitting Book

This is a great gift for a younger mom who’s just getting into knitting. It’s funny but also explains all the basics so she can get started with a hobby that’s really making a come back.

Circle plastic container with different compartments with stich makers of different colors in each compartment.

Stitch Markers

They’re helpful and have a tendency to get stolen by the cat and never seen again.

Don’t Talk to Me Shirt

There have been so many times I’ve tried to talking to my mom and she just stares blankly until I realize she’s actually counting her stitches. Oops.

Knitting pattern magazine with a baby on the cover wearing a lime green knitted sweater and the same baby in the background with a light blue knitted sweater.

Vintage Knitting Patterns

If you’re shopping for an older mom, get her some patterns from her childhood. This is great if there are grandkids to knit for.

White yarn bowl with black specs all over it.

Winter is Coming Yarn Bowl

A yarn bowl in general make s a great Mother’s Day gift for knitters but this one is super stylish as well. A great gift that she’ll be able to use every day!

Knit simple magazine showing a mom holding a little girl on a bike both wearing homemade sweaters.

Knit Simple Magazine Subscription

Subscriptions make great gifts because they’re something they keep getting all year. Get them one for a knitting magazine.

Custom Knitting Sign

Why not gift something unique this Mother’s Day with a custom sign for mom?

Blue, green, pink rainbow colored yarn ball.

Yarn of the Month Club

More exciting than Christmas! Each month mom will get a box of handmade yarn shipped to her with this very special gift.

If your mom loves to knit she’s going to adore these Mother’s day gifts for knitters! While you’re at it, make sure you tell mom how much you appreciate the knitting she does for you.


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