Creative Cash Gift: Johnny Cash Cash
Creative Cash Gift: Johnny Cash Cash

Creative Cash Gift: Johnny Cash Cash

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Creative Cash Gift: Johnny Cash Cash

We’ve already repeated and repeated that Cash is King.

Here is another simple, fun and creative way to wrap cash. Buy a CD, DVD, Bluray, poster, or T-Shirt, maybe even a belt buckle which has Johnny Cash on it. This should cost you somewhere between $5 and $35. Remember that most folks are getting past the CD stage, but given his classic music artist status, Johnny Cash CDs might be exactly the kind of thing you can pick up in those huge discount bins for a few dollars. If they’re into vinyl, Β a record will probably make them very happy.

Grab your card. Now, write a nice note wishing the couple the best of luck, reminding them of a fun time you spent together, a family tradition, something like that there. Start or end your message with, β€œWe got you some cash for your wedding.”
Put your cash in whatever Johnny Cash product you purchased. (Maybe avoid Folsom Prison? I do love the song though.) Wrap.

Done and done – creative, fun, affordable, personalized.

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