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Don’t Mine At Night: Throwing A Minecraft Party

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If there is one thing that all kids like, it would have to be Minecraft. I think every kid I have ever run into plays it and enjoys it. Not only that, but listening to kids talking to each other about it, is like trying to decipher a secret language! Of course, seeing as almost every kid LOVES Minecraft, you should know the rules for throwing a Minecraft Party. The first rule of throwing a Minecraft Party? Don’t Mine At Night!!! That is really the only rule, but now I can give you some pointers on throwing an EPIC Minecraft Party.

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How to be prepared for throwing a Minecraft party:

How strong is your Minecraft game? Do you know a lot or are you a total newb? When throwing a Minecraft party, you’ve got to be prepared. These kids know their stuff and they aren’t afraid to tell you when you’ve got something wrong. It might be a good idea to brush up on some basics, check out this Parent’s Guide to Minecraft before you send out your invitations!


Deck The Halls! You may or may not know this already, but Minecraft is a pixelated building game, and a lot of the game is spent building a decorating your house. So, when you are throwing a Minecraft party, your decorations better be on point! Make sure you’ve got the right colors for your table settings. You could go simple with solid colors and add your own flair, or you can go straight for the Minecraft party supplies! Oh, and don’t forget the balloons!

Let them eat cake or cupcakes. You could go so many ways with dessert, when it comes to throwing a Minecraft party. These cupcake wrappers and a simple chocolate cake with green frosting would do the trick. You could make a simple cake EXPLOSIVE with these Dynamite Stick Candles or go over the top and build a Minecraft cake out of brownies, rice krispie treats, blue jello and green frosting, topped off with some awesome Minecraft figures.

Create. Destroy. Rebuild! Make sure your Minecraft games bring all the villagers to the party! For older kids, have them bring their portable devices and set up an ACTUAL Minecraft party. However, if you are throwing a Minecraft party for younger kids, you’ll definitely need some entertainment. These Minecraft Papercraft kits would be a great way to get the party started! You can also set up a fun Minecraft photo booth, complete with props and a giant creeper! For the finale, have everyone MINE their own geode!

Give ‘em the goods. No party is complete until you hand out the goodie bags, am I right? Fill yours with Minecraft bracelets, stickers, some cool Minecraft figures and some AWESOME pixelated sunglasses.


Follow these tips and I am sure that will be throwing a Minecraft party that will spam the chatbox for weeks!

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