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Non Candy Trick or Treat Ideas for Halloween

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My kids love Halloween, and who doesn’t love begging for treats at every door on the block? The thing is, these kids don’t need all that fricken candy. I mean seriously; nobody needs a whole pillowcase filled with sugary junk that’s going to rot their teeth and make them bounce like Tigger. Don’t get me wrong, I love that our culture does something fun for kids, but we do have alternatives to candy. Here are a tone of non-candy trick or treat ideas for Halloween!

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20 Of The Best Non-Candy Trick Or Treat Ideas For Halloween

These gifts are creative and a great alternative to all those sweet treats! 

#1 Stretchy Skeletons

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Although I may have to peel them off the ceiling, these stretchy skeletons are a fun way to celebrate Halloween, and the kids love them. Get a 48 pack.

#2 Ghoulish Punch Balloons

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Balloons and especially punch balloons are a great way for my kids to get their energy out after a feast of candy. The best part is that they last a lot longer too.

#3 Glow in the Dark Halloween Rubber Duckies

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Rubber duckie you’re the one…. Seriously, these are perfect! Now my kiddos can take a bath in the dark when I forget to pay my electric bill (JK).

#4 Halloween Emoticon Plush Keychains

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Yes, I know most trick or treaters don’t have keys yet, but these are great for kids to use at school as a “stress ball.” They also add a little decoration and spunk to their bookbags.

#5 Halloween Foam Masks

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Little kids love playing dress-up. The more ways they can dress up and entertain themselves, the better it is for parents. Plus, this treat doesn’t make noise! Double plus!

#6 Halloween Bouncing Balls

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These mad bouncing balls may drive parents crazy for a couple days, but on the plus side, they get lost easily. So, bring on the bouncing balls; all 6 dozen of them.

#7 Glow Stick Bracelets

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Honestly, these are great! Not only can parents find their kids when they run off down the street, but the kids love them.

#8 Halloween Stamps

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What I love about Halloween stamps is that one stamp can entertain a child for hours. Seriously, they have to see how many different directions they can put it on one piece of paper. Plus, these last for longer than a day.

#9 Halloween Bubble Bottles

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Kids of all ages love bubbles, and they are a great treat for inside and outside the house. These bubble bottles come in sets of 24.

#10 Mini Noise Putty

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I don’t know one kid that wouldn’t love this trick in their bag. Why do they like it so much? Well, because they can play tricks on people all year long with it.

#11 Halloween Spider Rings

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If you want something cheaper than candy, spider rings are it! You can buy them in bulk and get 288 pieces which is enough for every kid in the neighborhood and more.

#12 Monster Tattoos

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These silly monster tattoos are perfect for kids to enjoy. They get to pretend to be grown with tattoos, but they easily wash off for the next day at school.

#13 Witches Broom Pens

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These witches brooms are not only cute, but usable. Kids will be so excited to use their new pen that they won’t realize they are learning while they use it.

#14 Halloween Fake Bugs

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The kids do say, “Trick or Treat,” so why not give them a little trick?! I know my boys would love using these to scare their younger siblings, teachers, cousins, and anyone who doesn’t like bugs.

#15 Blood Bag Drinks

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Now this is actually really cool! It looks like the kid is getting a bag of blood, but really they get a refreshing fruit drink. They do need to wash down all that candy.

#16 Stretchable Flying Bats

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These flying bats are perfect to plop in Halloween bags. Kids can play with them more than just on Halloween. And, you can buy them in packages of 36.

#17 Skeleton Paratroopers

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Please get these for my kids, so they stop tying my tampons to their army guys and trying to drop them from the second-story window.

#18 Mini Halloween Magic Springs

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I remember playing with these for hours making them flop down my stairs. These are perfect for getting the kids off the electronics for a little while.

#19 Make a Pumpkin Stickers

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Stickers are so satisfying for kids. Yes, they may end up on the walls, fridge, or doors, but they do keep them occupied for a short period of time. Plus, parents can keep these little pumpkin momentos for kids when they get older.

#20 Bouncy Eyeballs

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Nothing says Halloween quite like a random eyeball. Not only are these eyeballs spooky and gory, but they bounce around too.

#21 Skeleton Keychains

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These skeleton keychains will look great on any kids backpack. They can also be played with like an action figure and are much better than candy.

#22 Halloween Foam Glider Airplanes

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Instead of the kids making paper airplanes in school, parents can just send them to school with some that are already made (JK). Seriously, these are great for active kiddos.

#23 Bendable Zombie Action Figures

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These are actually great for kids and parents. Kids like to bend and morph them while parents like that they don’t make noise.

#24 Ugly Teeth and Vampire Fangs

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Sometimes I think my kids are little vampires and if they keep getting candy, their teeth are going to look just like these teeth. So, these would make a perfect trick or treat for any kid.

#25 Halloween Crayons and Fun Book

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The way kids lose their crayons, these are always a good idea. Not to mention, this gives them something to do before they crash for bed after a long night of trick or treating.

#26 Pumpkin Mini Stress Balls

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Stress balls are actually really great for kids. They can use them when they get upset, at school during a challenging test, or just to sit and calm down for a second.

#27 Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs

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Great, now my kids can go around scaring everyone at bedtime. Oh well, at least they will be creative with these glow in the dark vampire fangs.

#28 Chatter Teeth with Eyes

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This good old fashioned wind up toy is perfect to add to a trick or treat bag. It will be even better if the teeth started chattering in the bag when they leave your house…spooky!

#29 Martian Fingers

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You can’t have a fun Halloween without some chopped off martian fingers. Grab some of these and throw them in trick or treaters bags for a little trick of the night.

#30 100 Piece Halloween Assortment

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If you like to add a little variety to your trick giving on Halloween, this assortment is perfect. Get a little bit of everything, so each child has something different when they walk away from your door.

#31 Eye Finger Rings

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Eyes are totally spooky, especially when they are on fingers. Kids will love these finger puppet eyes even if they are tormenting their siblings.

#32 Halloween Themed Kazoo

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I can’t decide if a Kazoo is better or worse than candy. Let’s just say that if you want to play a trick on the parents and not the kids, then you have found the perfect trick. However, I can’t promise I won’t give you dirty looks!


Halloween is a great time to dress up, have fun, and get the kids out of the house. However, no kid needs a whole bag of candy, so instead of a bunch of candy this year, consider some of these non-candy trick or treat ideas!


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