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20 Egg Timers that Are Too Cute for Your Kitchen

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Sometimes kitchen accessories can be the stock standard stainless steel or it’s a kitchen set where everything is a single tone.  Sometimes a little quirk and colour is all you need to brighten up an entire room.  Check out these fun, bright egg timers that are guaranteed to bring a bit of excitement and flare into the kitchen.

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Frog on a Leaf

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This cute green frog on a leaf will bring a smile to anyone’s face during cooking.

Brown Hedgehog

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Add to the cute characters in the kitchen with this adorable brown hedgehog.

Cute Tomato

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It’s the classic cute tomato egg timer!  Super useful when cooking with vegetables.

Chef Kitchen Timer

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Do you know a chubby pale chef with a killer moustache?  Get them their very own look-a-like egg timer!

Pig Chef

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Do you know any pigs that are chefs?  That’s just silly, but this adorable piggy chef timer sure isn’t.

Cupcake Timer

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Bakers and cake decorators will appreciate this adorable cupcake timer to added to their collection.

Mechanical Tea Pot Shaped Timer

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Is it a functional miniature tea pot or is it an egg timer? Perfect for confusing new guests.

Campbells Soup Can

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This timer resembles the iconic soup can that is stock standard in many a kitchen cupboard.  A good deterrent for would-be egg timer thieves.

Hot Pink Owl

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This hot pink owl has a bright, cheerful appearance to liven up any kitchen.

Star Wars BB-8 Kitchen Timer

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All Star Wars fans appreciate Star Wars accessories.  This kitchen timer would be no exception.

Star Wars Death Star

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And if one Star Wars kitchen timer isn’t enough (it isn’t), here is another.

Cat and Mouse Timer

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This adorable cat and mouse egg timer is perfect for any animal fan.

Champagne and Ice

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This adorable champagne and ice egg timer will definitely get one thirsty during cooking.  It could use a nice bottle of champagne as an accompaniment.

StarbucksLook-a-like Coffee Cup

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Overpriced coffee fans will appreciate this one.

Purple Sea Urchin

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Featuring a fun and unique design, this sea urchin egg timer will surely turn some heads.

Green Apple Cooking Alarm

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In case you want something that will mix right in with the bowl of fruit on the counter – this green apple cooking alarm will work great!

Bomb Timer

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Works perfectly will all experimental recipes and taste explosions.

Cute Radish

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This cute radish egg timer looks like it came right out of a quirky kids show.

Piggy Wiggy

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The Piggy Wiggy egg timer is fun and functional.  He even has his own nickname!

Digital Cube Timer

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This digital cube timer is cute and unique – just set the number side up for the time of your choice and get cooking!  Perfect for the modern kitchen.

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