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20 Formal Bags for Evening Wear

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These glamorous formal bags for evening wear are impressive! It’s taken me a while, and perhaps a lot of randomly browsed photos from awards shows, to come around to the idea that a good formal wear outfit looks great when paired with appropriate accessories. A piece of jewelry can be good but not everyone likes to wear earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, or some combination thereof. A handbag is much more essential if you carry keys, phone, but sadly lack pockets. We’ll address the pockets issue some other time, on to the glitz and glamour!

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Stunning Formal Bags For Evening Wear

Enhance the look of your formal dress with a glamorous handbag (plus there are some playful ones too!) 

Glitter Clutch

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When it’s an all that sparkles night, you’re going to want to reach for this unicorn glitter bag solidly packed with glitter on both sides.

Japanese Knot Bag

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Elegant and simple, this gold satin fabric with shades of orange and red cherry blossom is lined with Champagne satin fabric.

Pearl Beaded Bag

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This incredibly cool dome shaped pearl clutch comes Red blue silver gold black, and loops over your wrist with linking rings.

Marilyn Clutch

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The magazine clutch bag design of the 60s has been updated to let you swap out the magazine cover. This ships with a Marilyn Monroe magazine cover so you may want to hold off on the switch for a while.

Silk Bag

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This petite silk purse can be made in a variety of fabrics and they all come with a custom matching beaded handle.

Batman Clutch

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This clutch would be perfect for an Eisner award ceremony. Formal and fitting.

Acacia Clutch

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A breathtaking piece of hand-carved art, this clutch has both form and function. It’s made from acacia wood and closes with a magnetic clasp.

Peacock Clutch with Optional Chain

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This lush green peacock fabric clutch can be customized with or without a chain, and various lengths are available for your comfort.

Brocade and Leatherette Shoulder Bag

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This crossbody shoulder bag is made from a combination of leatherette and silk brocade.

Felted Orchid Bag

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The stunning felt orchids covering one side of this bag almost makes the bag itself seem irrelevant. Happily, lightweight beauty is also a sturdy bag with clasps.

Jane Austen Clutch

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This Jane Austen inspired clutch is made of colors and textures that hark back to the period and hides a little quote from Pride and Prejudice.

Hard Case Clutch

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This hard case clutch runs on the larger side, protects fragile items like glasses better than a soft sided clutch and comes in woven brown, bronze and gold fabric.

Fairytale Felted Bag

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A very summer evening feel had this bag. The gorgeous felted bag looks a lot like you’re carrying a basket of flowers from the woods.

Royal Blue Vegan Clutch

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A large clutch in Royal blue, this vegan leather bag comes in handy when you need to carry more than a key and a phone.

Cute Dollie

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Put the finishing touches on that flapper outfit, or elevate a neutral palette, with this vintage-inspired black and silver clutch on a chain.

White Crochet

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This white lace purse conceals a blue fabric interior for that “something blue” and comes with a removable wristlet.

Brocade Frame

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This frame purse comes in bold brocades: black, pink, purple, turquoise, and red. All five colors are stunning against the silver threads and kiss lock frame.

Metallic Tote

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When a compact little clutch simply won’t do the job! This metallic fabric elevates a workhorse tote bag to evening status.

Mother of Pearl

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The essence of a mermaid on land, this clutch puts the mother of pearl against a gold frame and the result is as much purse as it is an art piece.

Crystal Pave

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A sparkle lover’s delight, this hard clutch shimmers with crystals and comes with a detachable chain.

This is a unique variety of formal bags for evening wear, so I am confident you will find the perfect fit for your event. 

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