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Best 26 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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26 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

So, you have been married 26 years! You have probably struggled to find the right gift every year, and now you just want to get this gift giving out of the way. Well, you are in luck because we have come up with the best 26 year anniversary gifts for her!

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Anniversary Gifts for Her

After 26 years of marriage, it may seem like you have gotten your wife everything under the sun. So, you may need a little help to find that perfect gift. Here are 32 anniversary gifts she will love!

Personalized Glass

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If your wife has a sense of humor, she will love this 26 year anniversary glass. It says, “You’ve been an amazing wife for 26 years. Keep that shit up!”

Silver Dollar Coin Ring

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You can get this personalized to the year you were married. So, this ring is a 1993 Silver Dollar coin that is perfect for your 26 year mark.

Custom Collage Photo Canvas

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After 26 years of marriage, you have a lot of pictures you can put into the number 26. Personalize this with your names and the date you were married. Make sure your wife looks good in the pictures you choose, or she might kill you (JK).

Wedding Anniversary Plaque

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Your wife probably has all these minutes, seconds, and hours memorized, but why not just keep reminding her. Personalize it with your names and marriage year.

9,490 Days Canvas

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Instead of counting the years, count the days that you have loved her. Personalize it with something like, “Days of loving you.”

Message in a Bottle

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One you have hit that 26-year marker, it is important to solidify that you still feel the same way you did 26-years ago. This message in a bottle is the perfect poem to make that happen. Choose your own charm, font, and message.

First Dance Lyrics Picture

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That first dance is one that can never be forgotten. So, get a wall picture with the lyrics of the song to hang on your wall.

Personalized Marriage Cross

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You can personalize your names in the center of the cross as well as select the color and size. If you believe your marriage has been held together by God, this is a perfect gift (prayer) for your marriage.

Infinity Keychain

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Once you have been married this long, it is pretty safe to say you will be married until death do you part. This infinity keychain is a customizable infinity charm.

Male and Female Cardinals Watercolor Picture

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Did you know cardinals mate for life? Just as you and your wife have stayed together through it all, this beautiful watercolor picture symbolizes your everlasting love.

Personalized Makeup Bag

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You can add a name, style design, color, and size to this personalized makeup bag. Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life, and these bags are perfect for helping her keep it all organized.

Gold Dipped Red Rose

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How many flowers have you bought over the years that have died and been thrown away? Give her a flower she can hold on to forever! Each 24k gold rose is handmade and symbolizes eternal love.

Molding Kit

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Create your anniversary gift together with this Luna Bean large keepsake hands casting kit. This is quite popular these days and is something your wife can have forever.

Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine

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Willow Tree figurines can become quite the collection. This cute couple symbolizes that love endures. Even through the hard times, love can make it through.

Personalized Cutting Board

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Sometimes, the best gift is the most basic gift you can get. Get her a personalized cutting board that comes with matching glassware, serving tray, and coasters.

Photo Album Scrapbook

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We have but only moments in time, and those moments are remembered and cherished through our photos. This adventure scrapbook is the perfect gift for a wife who likes to document everything you have done together in those precious moments.

Wooden Greeting Card

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We all know that greeting cards tend to get thrown away over time. They just don’t last. But, this wooden greeting card is made from bamboo wood and is the perfect keepsake for anytime of the year.

Anniversary Toilet Paper

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When you get to 26-years of marriage, you have to keep it humorous. Every time she wipes her butt, she will think of how much you love her!

Our Bucket List Book

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Now that the kids have moved out and started their own lives, it’s time for you and your wife to enjoy yours together. This is a creative and inspiration journal filled with ideas for adventures for couples.

Sex Coupons for HER Pleasure

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If you like having fun in the bedroom, these coupons are the perfect gift for her to get what she wants from the bedroom, too. With these, it’s all about her.

Da Vinci Code Puzzle Lock

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Make your anniversary interesting by hiding your gift, poem, or love note inside this puzzle lock. The default password is iloveu, but you can change it to whatever you want and make her figure it out.

Heart Shaped Music Box

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Not only is this a beautiful music box, but it has 3 immortal red rose flowers preserved inside of it. This gift is both usable and beautiful.

What I Love About You Journal

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This fill in the blank gift journal is a great way to add your own personal touch to your gift. The simple prompts make it easy to express yourself, but your wife will love that you put so much time into her gift.

Did you like this list of 26-year anniversary gifts? Share with us which gift you chose in the comments below!

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