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20 German Gifts

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German gifts are unique and creative! When it comes to choosing a gift for someone in your life who is German, there are many gifts to choose from. There are fun gifts; there are meaningful gifts, there are all kinds of gifts here on this list. Check them out and see which one you think that special person in your life will enjoy the most.

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20 Terrific German Gifts Made To Impress

Presents anyone who is German will love and appreciate. 

“Guten appetit” Denim Oven Mitt

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For the German friend or family member who loves to cook, a “Guten appetit” denim oven mitt will keep those hands safe.

“Best. Vater. Ever.” Shirt

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Your father is the “Best. Vater. Ever.” There’s no doubt about it. Now he can wear it like a badge of honor with this shirt.

“Oma’s kitchen” Painted Wood Sign

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Oma loves to cook, so she needs a painted wood sign for her kitchen.

“Ich Liebe Dich” Hand Stamped Spoon

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Remind them how much you love them and value them in your lives with this “ich liebe dich” hand-stamped spoon. They can use it for tea, coffee, or whatever they need a spoon for.

“I don’t give a schnitzel” Shirt

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They don’t give a care about anything that doesn’t have to do with them or is something they don’t like.

“Nein” Mug

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If one of their favorite words is “nein,” they need this mug to drink their morning beverage from.

Munich Vinyl Wall Clock

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This stunning Munich, Germany vinyl wall clock is something that will catch everyone’s eye when they come into their home.

Springerle Cookies with Holiday Tin

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If Christmas is coming up, these springerle cookies with a holiday tin make a great gift. The way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs!

Hannover Map Poster

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This Hannover, Germany map poster will look great up on their wall, whether framed or on its own.

“Guten morgen” Mug

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Every morning should start with their “guten morgen” mug so that they remember that every morning is fresh and good.

Schwester Heart Print

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Your Schwester is one of the most amazing people in your life, and this print is an excellent way to remind her how much you value her.

Guten Appetit Cookbook

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Just in case they don’t know how to cook their favorite German dishes, this Guten Appetit cookbook will come in very handy.

Germany String Art

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They are proud to be German, that is their home. String art looks simple, but it is so intricate and beautiful!

“Du hattest besser deutsch gelernt” Shirt

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This shirt is a hilarious crack at those who don’t know German! If they love to crack jokes, this shirt is for them.

“Don’t make me use my German voice” Mug

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Never ever make them use their German voice!

“Schnapsidee” Definition Printable

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If they love schnapps, they will find this “Schnapsidee” definition printable pretty hilarious.

German Oktoberfest Magnet Set

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German Oktoberfest magnets are great for pinning things up on the fridge, or a magnetic board, in style.

Berlin Skyline Ring

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If they have a passion for Berlin, they can keep it close with a Berlin skyline ring.

“Legends are born in Germany” Mug

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All the great legends were born in Germany.

“Prost” Beer Shirt

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For the German in your life who loves giving cheers, this shirt is perfect.

No matter where they are in life, there is a German gift for everyone!

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