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Best Gift Ideas for Devout Lord of the Rings Fans

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At this point in time, I’m sure that everyone on Earth has to know what Lord Of The Rings is, right? I’m sure that the majority of people know what a rabid fanbase the franchise has attached to it as well. With such a fervent group of followers for this series, there is undoubtedly a ton of merchandise that comes along with that. These are some of the coolest gifts for devout lord of the rings fans! 

Lord of the Rings fan gifts

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Gifts for the Lord of the Rings Fans in Your Life

You can’t give a hardcore fan just any gift. You’ve got to make sure that it is absolutely perfect and that’s where I come in. I’ve scoured through tons of merchandise and singled out some of the absolute best items that you’re going to find for that picky fan in your life. Relax and dig into these 40 gifts for devout Lord Of The Rings fans.

Integrity Bottles, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost, Premium Whiskey Glass, Handmade, Handblown, Hand Etched Gifts, Sand Carved, 11oz

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Whiskey Glass

This premium whiskey glass is sure to please any fan with its laser-etched, famous motto: “Not all who wander are lost”. Any fan would be overjoyed to have this!

Nerd Block Lord of The Rings Eye of Sauron Snow Globe

Sauron Snow Globe

You’re probably thinking: “Even snow globes get a LOTR treatment?”. They absolutely do and in one of the most awesome ways!

Pop! Rides: Lord of the Rings - Gwaihir with Gandalf

Editor’s Choice Gift Ideas for Devout Lord of the Rings Fans: Funko Pop

This Funko figurine depicts Gandalf riding atop Gwaihir, the legendary eagle from Lord of the Rings! This model is a great gift for any devout Lord of the Rings fan with a sense of adventure! 

Northwest Lord of The Rings - The Hobbit Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket, 48' x 60', Middle Earth

Middle Earth Tapestry Throw

Having a map of Middle Earth? That’s awesome. Having a map of Middle Earth that you can use as a blanket? That’s a perfect gift.

Wooden framed sign, white background with black font that says "I woudl rather share one lifetime with you thank face all the ages of the world alone"

The Fellowship Of The Ring Wooden Sign

Handmade from quality Birch, any fan worth their salt is going to love this one. This gift showcases not only their love for the franchise but their love for their spouse as well.

The Hobbit And The Lord Of The Rings: Deluxe Pocket Boxed Set

The Lord Of The Rings Deluxe Pocket Boxed Set (Hardcover)

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ve obviously read the books but that doesn’t mean that everyone actually owns them. What an absolute masterpiece of a gift with this unique looking set!

The One Ring

Not only is this ring awesome, it’s quality-made! Crafted from tungsten with laser-engraving, it’s sure to please even the pickiest fan.

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth Game

Editor’s Choice Gift Ideas for Devout Lord of the Rings Fans: Game

Any LOTR fan would be absolutely thrilled to receive this board game based on their favorite book, and film series! This Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth boardgame is a great gift idea for the devoted fan. 

Dadaly Decor Speak Friend Enter Sign Hobbit Signboard Home Decor Gifts Room Acrylic Waterproof Plaque 5 x 10 Inch

Speak Friend And Enter Plaque

When the fan in your life wants to announce their love for the series right off the bat, you’ve got them covered with this gift. The perfect plaque to hang outside of any fan’s front door.

Lord Of The Rings Poster - Sam Gamgee Potato Definition Poster - Boil Em Mash Em Taters - 11x14 Unframed Print - WallWorthyPrints - Great Gift For Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit Fans

Potato Definition Poster

This is personally one of my favorite scenes from the movies. There’s something about the way that Sam says “Po-Ta-Toes” that gets me every time and I’m pretty sure that the fan in your life is going to really dig this one.

getDigital Doormat You shall not pass - Carpet Entrance Rug Front Door Welcome Mat - Made from coco coir fibers - Orange-Brown, 23.62 x 15.75 inch

You Shall Not Pass Welcome Mat

Now, I’m not entirely sure how “You Shall Not Pass” works on a welcome mat, but I AM entirely sure that your loved one is going to go nuts over this gift.

Meal Times Large Wooden Wall Clock unique Handcrafted home decor, personalized custom gift, housewarming design present, kitchen victorian vintage style, meal planning, living room decorative art

Meal Times Wooden Clock

You know it had to be done! All of the meal times from the movie proudly displayed on this quality wooden clock. Perfect for any avid fan’s wall.

Brown leather middle earth map print wallet.

Middle Earth Map Wallet

You can’t always make it to Middle Earth but you can always carry Middle Earth around with you with this super snazzy wallet!

Best Gift Ideas for Devout Lord of the Rings Fans - six piece set of wooden coasters all with pictures from lord of the rings.

Wooden Coasters

Coasters are usually just coasters. Then you have quality products like this that truly encapsulate the feeling of the films and manage to look awesome while they do it.

Lord of the ring themed wooden music box.

LOTR Themed Music Box

Another unique item for the list! This music box is handmade and can even be customized with a personal message.

Mordor Fun Run T-Shirt

How else would you describe the journey? This hilarious t-shirt is sure to be adored by any fan with a sense of humor.

Middle Earth Candle Collection

Maybe you have a fan in your life that wants to get lost in the smells of Middle Earth? I’ve even found something to scratch that particular itch!

The Noble Collection The Arwen Evenstar Pendant Silver Plated

Arwen Evenstar Pendant

Lord Of The Rings is filled with tons of awesome jewelry and weaponry and this pendant is definitely no exception. Officially licensed by Warner, it’s likely the closest you’re going to get to the true thing.

Funko POP Movies The Lord of The Rings Balrog 6' Action Figure

Balrog Funko Pop

How did they manage to make the creature responsible for Gandalf’s downfall (see what I did there?) so heckin’ cute?! Well, they did and I think that it would make a fantastic gift for a diehard fan.

The Noble Collection Dwarven Treasure Coin Set

Dwarven Treasure Coin Set

Not only do these coins look really authentic, they include a very rad wooden display case. Another piece of merchandise officially licensed by Warner!

Lord of the Rings Pipe of Gandalf the Grey Prop Replica

Editor’s Choice Gift Ideas for the Devoted Lord of the Rings Fan: Gandalf’s Pipe

This is a replica of Gandalf’s pipe! Made famous in the very beginning of the films, it serves as an icon for the bearded wizard.  

Lord of The Rings - The One Ring Key Chain

The One Keyring

You may have heard of The One Ring but have you heard of The One Keyring? That’s right, you can get it as a keychain as well!

Prancing Pony Mug. Wooden Beer Mug. Lord Rings Gift. Hobbit Mug. Prancing Pony Pub Inspired Tankard. Wooden Beer Steins Gift. Beer Tankard #95/0.6L / 22 ounces

Prancing Pony Mug

A very cool and subtle nod to the film, this is sure to be your fan’s favorite mug when they get this awesome gift!

JSSPKJHPO Sterling Silver plated Cubic Zirconia White Lord of the ring Fairy princess Dangle Earring

Fairy Princess Earrings

If the amulet isn’t your fan’s style, there’s always these snazzy earrings! Sterling silver plated and elegant, they’re sure to go with any outfit.

J.R.R. Tolkien Quote Still Around The Corner There May Wait, A New Road or a Secret Gate Quote Engraved Wooden Bookmark - Made in USA - Also Available with Personalization

Secret Gate Bookmark

How fitting to have such a legendary bookmark for such a wonderful book series? Complete with a memorable phrase from the franchise, this wooden bookmark is a must-have for any fan

THE HOBBIT - STING Sword Pen and Lenticular 3D Bookmark

Sting Sword Pen

Sure, the fan in your life has a pen but do they have a pen that looks like Sting? I’m going to guess not!

LOTR Caravan Fellowship Sticker Decal Notebook Car Laptop 8' x 2' (White)

LOTR Caravan Decals

What fan wouldn’t want to carry the entire fellowship with them, right? Make that dream a reality with this awesome decal set!

Funny Guy Mugs My Precious Ceramic Coffee Mug - 11oz - Ideal Funny Coffee Mug for Women and Men - Hilarious Novelty Coffee Cup with Witty Sayings

My Precious Coffee Cup

We all have that person in their life that loves their coffee. This gift is certain to suit them perfectly!

Round Christmas ornament with Gollum on it that says Merry Christmas my precious in red font.

Gollum Christmas Ornament

One of the franchise’s most popular characters visits your fan’s Christmas tree this year! Let’s be real, who wouldn’t love this one?

The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Colouring Book [May 23, 2016] Warner Brothers; Tolkien, J. R. R. and Caven, Nicolette

LOTR Coloring Book

LOTR fans are not immune to the allure of coloring books. This book is chockful of wonderful art that’s just waiting for your fan to get ahold of it.

Ibeauti Womens Furry Monster Adventure Slippers, Comfortable Novelty Warm Winter Hobbit Feet Costume Slippers for Teens Adults

Hobbit Feet Slippers

Sometimes you come across the perfect pair of slippers and I’m pretty sure these are the ones for LOTR fans. Cozy AND it makes your feet look like Hobbit feet? Sign me up!

White t-shirt with po-tatoes on it.

Po-Ta-Toes Shirt

What do you do with potatoes, exactly? Samwise knows, and so will everyone who reads this shirt. Great for all the hobbits (and tall folk) in your life that aren’t currently in Mordor.

Lord of the Cats Parody Movie Parody Movie Lord of the Ring Cotton Linen Pillow Cover 18 X 18 Inch

Lord Of The Cats Pillow Cover

This pillowcase though. It’s amazing. The Furrlowship Of The Ring. What more needs to be said really?

Mini wooden cheese board.

Mini Cheese Board

How about a nice practical gift with a LOTR twist? This mini cheese board features all the best hobbit meal times and sure to please any fan of the series.

Hasbro Games Monopoly - The Lord of The Rings Trilogy Edition

Monopoly: LOTR Trilogy Edition

I’m not sure what takes longer: A game of Monopoly or a journey to Mt. Doom. How fitting to combine the two!

Best Friend Gift You are The Samwise to my Frodo Keychain Movie Jewelry Friendship Keychain Set for Couple (Frodo Keychain)

Samwise To My Frodo Friendship Keychain Set

Is there a closer friendship than the one between Frodo and Sam? You know you’ve got a bond when you present this gift to the fan in your life!

Light grey pullover hoodie shown with black font that says Moria Mining Company We dawrf the competition.

Moria Mining Company Hoodie

With this unique design and subtle reference, there’s no way that there’s a fan that could receive this gift and not fall in love with it!

EXIT: The Lord of The Rings - Shadows Over Middle-Earth | EXIT: The Game - A Kosmos Game | Escape Room Game | Help Frodo and Join The Fellowship

Exit: Lord of the Rings Edition

These Exit games basically function like a mini escape room in a box. Give this one to the Lord of the Rings fans in your life for a family evening, date night, or game you can all play together.

Hobbiton Vintage Travel Poster Lord of Ring Movie Poster Decorative Painting Canvas Wall Art Living Room Posters Bedroom Painting 16x24inch(40x60cm)

Lord of the Rings Vintage Travel Poster Gift

Inspired by vintage travel posters, these unique prints take fans to their favorite Lord of the Rings locations. All the places are here: Rivendell, Gondor, Hobbiton, and more.

Ibeauti Womens Furry Monster Adventure Slippers, Comfortable Novelty Warm Winter Hobbit Feet Costume Slippers for Teens Adults

Hobbit Feet Slippers

Saving the best for last… Maybe? These funny slippers will give them their very own set of Hobbit feet while keeping their real, much less hairy toes warm and cozy.

We’ve made it through the twists and turns of this fantastic gift list and I’m positive that you’ve picked up a few treasures here and there. Did you find anything on here that your loved one went bonkers for? Maybe you found something for yourself! Give us a shout and let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thank you for checking out 40 Gifts For Devout Lord Of The Rings Fans!

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