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25 Gift Ideas for a PhD Mentor

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These amazing gift ideas for a PhD mentor are a great way to show your appreciation. You finally got your PhD, or maybe you have reached a point in your schooling where you feel extra grateful for the person who has been mentoring you all along, and you want to get something nice for them to say that you appreciate them. This list is full of great ideas that fit your needs! Check them ou

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Thank You Gift Ideas For A PhD Mentor

Giving a gift to a mentor is a fantastic way to let them know their help meant the world to you. 

“Dangerously overeducated” Shirt

If your PhD mentor is “dangerously overeducated,” they need to have this shirt!

Modwnfy Doctor Gifts, It’s Miss Ms Mrs Dr Actually Stemless Wine Glass, Appreciation Thank You Gifts for Doctors Physician MD PhD Medical Graduate, Doctors Gifts for Women Men Christmas Birthday 17Oz

It’s Dr. Actually Wine Glass

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For the female PhD mentor, this wine glass reminds everyone that her title is doctor, nothing less. Women are often mistaken for being non-doctors (like assistants) so, while she probably won’t keep it at work, it will at least remind her that you value her experience and education.

Difference maker Journal

Difference Maker Journal

Sometimes a small message can go a long way. This journal is personalized with a thoughtful passage about how much of a difference your PhD mentor has made in your life and includes personalization. Who doesn’t need more notebooks anyway!

Retreez PhD. Taking Your BS to a New level 16 Oz Enamel Stainless Steel Metal Camping Campfire Coffee Mug Cup - Funny Sarcasm Sarcastic Motivational birthday gift for friend coworker sis bro dad mom

Funny PH.D Mug

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Since your mentor likely has a PhD themselves this mug is something funny they can use at work for a particularly stressful day. Get one for yourself too and match1

Statistics Researcher Data Print

Sometimes something as simple as a statistics researcher data print makes a nice gift to say thank you to your PhD mentor.

“Eat, sleep, research, repeat” Mug

Eating, sleeping, and researching is what life is all about as someone with a PhD.

Set of 3 Research Journals

Set of 3 Research Journals

With all of the research required from someone with a PhD, this set of three research journals will really come in handy.

I'm a PHD But You Can Call Me Doctor Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler 20oz Dr Medical Doctorate Student Graduation Retirement Congratulations Travel Mugs with Straw and Removable Lid

PHD Travel Mug

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Look, they may not be a medical doctor but a PhD is still a doctor… And that’s something to brag about!

Designer Twist Wooden Pen

With all of the writing they do, they need a special designer twist wooden pen to write with.

You Should be Writing Mug

You Should be Writing Mug

This one is more for the PhD mentor who will likely mentor others in the future. Chances are they pushed you (in the best ways!), especially when it comes to academic writing – and now they can remind the next students to do the same.

Good Leader Gandhi Sign

Mentors offer so much more than guidance; they’re truly leaders, especially in the academic world. This thoughtful art is a great reminder of how valuable their work is and it will look great hung up too.

“She believed she could, so she did” Cuff Bracelet

“She believed she could, so she did” Cuff Bracelet

She believed she could accomplish so many things in her life, and she did, she even mentored you!

VTmaio Fun 11-Ounce Phd Doctor Funny Sarcasm Love Mug For Doctors Phd Graduation I'm Not That Kind Of Doctor Mug On Graduation Day Father's Day Mother's Day Idea Gifts (Multi 12)

“Not that kind of doctor” Mug

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Not everyone who has a PhD is “that kind of doctor.” Just a little public service announcement.

I'm A Woman With A Doctorate Don't Underestimate Me T-Shirt

“I’m a woman with a doctorate, don’t underestimate me” Shirt

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Never underestimate a woman with a doctorate!

Custom Water Bottle for PhD Graduation Gift for Women Men

“Dr. ______” Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Help your PhD mentor stay hydrated with their very own personalized stainless steel water bottle.

Ph.inisheD. T-Shirt PHINISHED Funny PhD for PhD graduates Pullover Hoodie

“PhinisheD” Hoodie

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They are finally “PhinisheD” helping you get your PhD!

Custom Whiskey Glass Bottom Engraved

Personalized Whiskey Glass

Academia is stressful! If your budget allows pair with a bottle of whiskey or Scotch.

Ph.D PHD Grad Student Sarcastic Graph Funny Graduation Gift T-Shirt

Funny PhD Shirt

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This is another funny gift they can use to brag about their own academic status. It’s also a funny way to show future students what they’re working towards!

Personalized mentor gift for women

Mentor Thank You Gift Box

If you’re more of a the “give a gift basket” type this set has a nice assortment of relaxation gifts to show your PhD mentor how much their help meant to you. Great for relaxing now that the hard work is done!

Personalized Leather Portfolio

Personalized Leather Portfolio

Another lovely practical gifts, this portfolio is handy for jotting down notes or journaling. Anyone in academia will appreciate it! Even better, it comes personalized.

Thesis paper publication mug

Paper Publication Mug

If your work together lead to the publication of a research paper this is an incredible thank you gift. It comes with your own paper printed on it!

I Couldn't Wish For A Grater Mentor Card

Mentor Card

Look, I get it – being a PhD student means your budget is tight. Especially if you still haven’t started working yet while shopping for a thank you gift for your mentor. Sometimes a card with a thoughtful message can mean even more than a bigger gift. If you want to add something, tuck in a gift card (maybe to a restaurant?) for an small gift.

California Delicious Golden State Gourmet Foods Gift Basket, 8 pound

Gourmet Food Gift Basket

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This is a nice idea if you want to give a group gift to multiple mentors in one office or department or if you feel your mentor wouldn’t want any “stuff” type gifts.

Thank you for being part of my story bookmark

Custom Bookmark

Academics are always reading, especially when it comes to research. A nice bookmark is a welcomed gift, and even better if it’s personalized with a thoughtful message of thanks.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Wine Bag, Wine Bag For Teacher, School Coworkers, Back to School Gift from Student, 1 Pc Wine Bottle Cover Gift Bag (Hf14)

Wine Bag

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Last but not least – a bottle of wine! You can’t go wrong (assuming you know your mentor well enough by now to know what they drink). Even better, the message on this wine bag is professor themed too.

These gift ideas for a PhD mentor are perfect for the person who has put in a lot of hours coaching and guiding you, a simple gift to say how much you appreciate that could give them plenty of reason to smile.

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