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20 Gift Ideas for a PhD Mentor

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These amazing gift ideas for a PhD mentor are a great way to show your appreciation. You finally got your PhD, or maybe you have reached a point in your schooling where you feel extra grateful for the person who has been mentoring you all along, and you want to get something nice for them to say that you appreciate them. This list is full of great ideas that fit your needs! Check them ou

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Thank You Gift Ideas For A PhD Mentor

Giving a gift to a mentor is a fantastic way to let them know their help meant the world to you. 

“Dangerously overeducated” Shirt

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If your PhD mentor is “dangerously overeducated,” they need to have this shirt!

“Phinally Done” PhD Mug

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When you are Phinally done with your PhD, you definitely need this mug to celebrate.

Book Stack Glass Earrings

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Your mentor is wise and booksmart!

Statistics Researcher Data Print

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Sometimes something as simple as a statistics researcher data print makes a nice gift to say thank you to your PhD mentor.

“Eat, sleep, research, repeat” Mug

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Eating, sleeping, and researching is what life is all about as someone with a PhD.

Set of 3 Research Journals

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With all of the research required from someone with a PhD, this set of three research journals will really come in handy.

“Physicists do it in waves” Whiskey Glass

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As a physicist, they do it in waves, waves of whiskey.

“Don’t make me use my PhD voice” Shirt

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Just a warning to let others know not to make your PhD mentor use their PhD voice. It is surely dangerous.

Designer Twist Wooden Pen

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With all of the writing they do, they need a special designer twist wooden pen to write with.

“Shhh… I am not Dr. _____ right now” Wine Glass

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When they are drinking wine, they aren’t a doctor anymore.

“Eat, sleep, physics” Shirt

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PhD life is all about eating, sleeping, and physics!

“If you can read this… I should be writing” Socks

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Considering all of the writing and research they do, they often need to be writing, even when they are resting with their feet up.

“PhDiva” Mug

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If your PhD mentor is a diva, she needs the “PhDiva” mug to add to her collection.

“Seize the data” Journal

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It’s important to “seize the data” and write it down in a journal.

“She believed she could, so she did” Cuff Bracelet

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She believed she could accomplish so many things in her life, and she did, she even mentored you!

“Not that kind of doctor” Mug

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Not everyone who has a PhD is “that kind of doctor.” Just a little public service announcement.

“I’m a woman with a doctorate, don’t underestimate me” Shirt

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Never underestimate a woman with a doctorate!

“Dr. ______” Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Help your PhD mentor stay hydrated with their very own personalized stainless steel water bottle.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity. -Hippocrates” Quote Sign

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Medicine and humanity go hand in hand, in many ways.

“PhinisheD” Personalized Shirt

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They are finally “PhinisheD” helping you get your PhD!

These gift ideas for a PhD mentor are perfect for the person who has put in a lot of hours coaching and guiding you, a simple gift to say how much you appreciate that could give them plenty of reason to smile.

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