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20 12th Pearls & Colored Gems Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Surprise your husband with 12th Pearls & Colored Gems Modern Anniversary Gifts For Him! When it comes to choosing one of these for your husband, it may not be an easy task. Men are usually hard to buy for, but this list makes it just a bit easier

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Terrific 12th Pearls & Colored Gems Modern Anniversary Gifts For Him

Take the stress out of anniversary shopping by checking out this unique gift guide. 

Black Glossy Pearls and Steel Bracelet

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Masculine and able to go with anything he wears because, let’s face it, men often don’t care if anything matches.

Amethyst Chakra Balance Necklace

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Help him balance his chakras with this amethyst gemstone chakra necklace.

Matching Freshwater Pearl and Diffusing Lava Bead Bracelets

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Now both of you can diffuse your essential oils for better health with these matching freshwater pearl and diffusing lava bead bracelets.

Gemstone Gem Soaps

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If finding the right colored gemstone gift for your husband proves difficult to find, then go with gemstone gem shaped soaps.

White Pearl Cufflinks

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These white pearl cufflinks will look lovely on the cuffs of his suit.

Onyx Gemstone Necklace

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Black might not be “colorful,” but it indeed isn’t dull. It is also a handsome necklace for him to wear.

Handmade Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Stone Ring

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There is nothing more unique than a handmade ring, especially one with the mother of pearl stone in it for your pearl and colored gems modern anniversary.

Ice Blue Fancy Sapphires Gold Ring

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The ice blue of the sapphires in this gold ring is stunning and eye-catching, especially after he puts the ring on his finger.

Tiger Eye and Turchesite Semi Precious Pearls Bracelet

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A colorful pearl bracelet for the colorful man in your life.

Large Raw Amethyst Cufflinks

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If he enjoys the color purple or wears it often, these sizeable raw amethyst cufflinks will look handsome on his cuffs.

Keyring with the Seashell and Pearl

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Help him keep his keys from getting lost with the keyring that has a seashell and pearl on it.

Shungite Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet

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The shungite dragon blood Jasper bracelet is just as dark and mysterious as he is.

Handmade Sterling Silver Oval Mother of Pearl Stone Ring

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Oval is rounded and friendly, just like him.

Amethyst Gemstone Pendant Flask

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If the idea of having a flask, is something he’s interested, he will undoubtedly love this amethyst gemstone pendant flask.

Crown Pendant Black Onyx Pearl Bracelet

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He is the king in your life, and this bracelet is pretty cool. 

Chrysocolla Bracelet

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The gemstones on this chrysocolla bracelet look kind of like the world, and he has helped you created a whole world.

Handmade Sterling Silver Ocean Pearl Enameled Sultan Ring

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The stunning pattern on the ocean pearl in this ring will make him delighted to wear this ring.

Turquoise Golden Gemstone Cufflinks

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If he wears a lot of turquoise with his suits, this set with turquoise golden gemstone cufflinks will go with much of what he wears and make him more handsome at the same time.

Natural Sea Pearl Ring

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A simple, yet eye-catching ring for your simple, yet eye-catching husband.

Seven Rose Quartz Spheres Set

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While I’m not quite sure what these rose quartz spheres purpose is, they would make some very nice decoration in his office, or on his dresser or nightstand, to remind him of the twelve years you’ve been married.

So many fun and pleasing gift ideas for your husband on your modern pearl and colored gems anniversary, making a choice will be challenging yet fun at the same time!

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