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20 Gift Ideas for an Aries Man

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Oh, the Aries man. Confident, optimistic, determined, and courageous. He is a born leader with a strong competitive nature. And we have the perfect gift ideas to suit an Aries man for any occassion.

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What on earth will you gift your husband the Aries? (or boyfriend or brother!)

Birthday or Holiday Gifts an Aries Man Will Love

Here are 20 gift ideas for an Aries man, using his zodiac sign to get insights into his personality, whether he’s “into horoscopes” or not! Shopping for your gal pals? We also have gifts for an Aries woman too.

Adventure Thermal Bottle

Remind him of his sense of adventure with these great thermal bottles. Great for guys who like to camp or hike!

Man wearing a black t-shirt with a Rams head on it with splattered marks all over it.

Aries T-Shirt

Give him the gift of Aries pride with this T-Shirt.

Aries Flask

Drink up with this Aries flask. You can give it alone or with his favorite bottle of alcohol for a fun gift.

Men’s Hematite Bracelet

Known for healing and protecting, this hematite bracelet is also a great men’s fashion statement.

White and yellow popcorn maker.

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is delicious. After a long day, help him unwind with a movie and some great popcorn.

Popcorn Seasoning Sampler

Add some seasoning to that popcorn with this sampler kit.

Aries Men Gift Set

Everything an Aries man could possibly need when it comes to his zodiac! It even has a custom print inside with Aries facts.

aries men's biker ring in silver

Biker Ring

He’ll be looking cool and stylish with this biker ring. It’s shaped like a ram, the zodiac symbol of an Aries guy.

spring linen shirts

Spring Shirts

Aries birthdays happen in spring so use it as an excuse to get him a new linen shirt. It’s perfect for the upcoming warm weather!

Leather Travel Journal

With this journal, he can put his story into words and his courage on paper or keep track of all his amazing adventures.

Baseball Bat Patent Print

Spring is baseball season. Help him get ready with this patent print that can go in any room of the house.

vintage bluetooth speaker for men

Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is perfect for bringing to the office, using around the house, or for taking outside in the summer. Any Aries guy is going to love the trendy, vintage style.

Black book with a man running on it called Sports GENE.

“The Sports Gene” Book

This book is all about athleticism and physical fitness – two things an Aries man will likely find interesting.

White and blue opened umbrella with one closed beside it.

Oversized Golf Umbrella

The saying “April showers bring May flowers” rings true very often. With this oversized golf umbrella, him and anyone he travels with is safe from anything falling from the sky.

death wish coffee

Death Wish Valhalla Coffee

This coffee is absolutely delicious, and also happens to make the perfect gift for an Aries man who really likes to test his bold side.

Changing constellation mug, showing one that's black with stars and one in front of it showing constellation.

Changing Constellation Mug

This mug changes with liquid in it. So cool!

Three pairs of men's pajama pants shown.

Men’s Pajama Pants

Pajama bottoms – the ultimate loungewear. Perfect for a comfortable gift that guys will appreciate.

apple watch gift

Apple Watch

Perfect for any sport or adventure he goes on.

Five loose leaf white tea samplers shown.

Loose Leaf White Tea Sampler

White tea has just enough caffeine to get someone going without all of the jitters that come with coffee.

nintendo switch gaming console

Nintendo Switch

If he liked to play Nintendo games when he was younger this is a great option. Now he can relive all of those old memories and challenge his friends to a gaming competition.

Those were 20 gift ideas for an Aries man. What was your favorite idea? Be sure to let us know if you get any of these! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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