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Gift Ideas for a Scorpio Woman

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The Scorpio woman is a gifted one. Mysterious, thoughtful, and a little bit stubborn, she loves anything dark and off the beaten path. Sometimes, that makes her a little bit more difficult to buy gifts for.

But no worries!

We here at Unique Gifter have 20 gift ideas for a Scorpio woman, so you can find the perfect birthday or Christmas idea for your wife, girlfriend, friend or special lady. Use her zodiac sign to help you pick something that fits her mysterious personality, whether she is a horoscope reader or not!

Gifts that are mysterious, just like her. 

No pun intended. 

Scorpion Ring

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This ring is simple, and features the little symbol of the Scorpio sign.

Scorpion Bracelet

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So does this bracelet. However, the band on this bracelet comes in plenty of different colors and the scorpion in the middle appears to be climbing out of its ring.

Scorpio Necklace

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This necklace features a birth stone and the Scorpio symbol. It’s super cute and perfect for every season.

Dreamer Spiral Notebook

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Is your Scorpio friend just a dreamer? Then get her this spiral notebook. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Vintage Owl T-Shirt

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This shirt is fresh from the 70’s, and as that style comes back into fashion, I’m sure we will be seeing plenty more like these. As Scorpios like to be mysterious, but secretly love staying in-the-know, this shirt is perfect for them.

Plaid Tartan Blanket Scarf

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A blanket scarf is the ultimate accessory for a Scorpio woman. She will love how it can be folded different ways to change her appearance as well as keep her mysterious demeanor intact.


A dark and spooky game just like her gets a spot on the gift ideas for a scorpio woman list.

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This dark, spooky game took the app store by storm. Now it is available in high definition for PC and Mac. It’s a great treat for a Scorpio.

Black Floppy Hat

A hat to hide her eyes is definitely a gift ideas for a scorpio woman.

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Or if black really isn’t your Scorpio friend’s color, then there are tons of different colors to choose from.

Criminal Minds: Season 1

Criminal minds will definitely catch her eye as a gift ideas for a scorpio woman.

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This TV show was and continues to be an absolute hit. Start from the beginning with season 1 of Criminal Minds.

As Above, So Below

Gift ideas for a scorpio woman who's a movie buff.

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This movie has just enough creepy factor to keep you on your seat without all-out scaring you. It is the complete ideal movie for Scorpios.

Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories

Ghost stories are gift ideas for a scorpio woman who's into the spooky.

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Everyone loves a good ghost story, but the mysterious, spiritual, and supernatural-interested Scorpio loves ghost stories more than any other astrological sign.

Chocolate Pu-erh Tea

Gift ideas for a scorpio woman who has a sweet tooth.

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Pu-erh tea has a bit of an earth taste. Mixed with chocolate, it tastes heavenly.


Gift ideas for a scorpio woman who wants to see you be brave.

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Yes, a Disney movie. Brave embodies one of the top qualities that Scorpios have. Plus, it is absolutely adorable.

PJ Pants

Anyone loves a good pajama pant so it definitely makes it onto our list of gift ideas for a scorpio woman.

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Born in the colder months, Scorpios are still in need of being warm at night. Check out these pajama bottoms from Christian Siriano. We also have some more ideas for those cold nights

Argan Face Cream

Anyone can benefit but we think this definitely is a gift ideas for a scorpio woman.

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Have you tried Argan Oil yet? It does wonders for face and hair. Especially in the colder months when skin gets a little more dried out. This is definitely a great gift for a Scorpio woman.

Fleece Lined Slipper Socks

Socks to match the slippers we mentioned earlier on our gift ideas for a scorpio woman guide.

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Cold in the house? These slipper socks will do the trick. They come in different colors to match anyone’s personality and last a long time.

Mini Canvas and Easel

Gift ideas for a scorpio woman who's creative.

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These tiny easels have lots of use to them. You can paint a message on them yourself and give them to your Scorpio friend, or grab a teddy bear and make it look like it’s painting on the easel. Tons of options! They are the perfect thing when you want a gift for a creative person.

Apple Pie Cinnamon Vanilla Scented Candle

Apple pie candles are great gift ideas for a scorpio woman.

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Apple pie with cinnamon and vanilla? Yum. This candle will make any room smell absolutely delectable.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

A mysterious book for a mysterious woman, gift ideas for a scorpio woman

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This book is a light mystery novel. It is slowly becoming a staple on many reader’s shelves. Scorpios might take extra like to it because of the way this story is told and how the mystery unfolds.


Board games that stop a virus from killing the world are definitely gift ideas for a scorpio woman material.

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This board game is amazing! Work as a team to save the world from a disease that is wiping out every continent. Sounds easy, but it is a challenging puzzle game that is definitely worth a try.


Are you ready to gift your Scorpio friend the best present ever? If you’ve used her astrological sign to inspire your gift giving, let us know in the comments below what you gave her! If you choose to get any of these, be sure to tell us! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.


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