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Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter P for Adults

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If you’re on the hunt for a gift ideas for the letter P (or maybe the letter O?), look no further! Within this list, you’ll find twenty of the coolest, funkiest, most brilliant presents that are perfectly P-themed.

Attending a letter themed party? Maybe you're setting up an epic scavenger hunt? Try these gift ideas for the letter P for adults on for size!

Gift Ideas That Start With the Letter P

Whether you’re creating a themed scavenger hunt, looking for unique letter P gift ideas, or just wanting to impress someone named Pete we’ve got you covered. These are the most inventive Letter P gift ideas around. We also have more gift ideas for letters like this one

PRO SPIN All-in-One Portable Ping Pong Paddle Set (2-Player) | Table Tennis Set | Retractable Ping Pong Net (Up to 72' Wide) | Premium Paddles | 3-Star Balls | Storage Case | Game Table | Gift

Ping Pong Set

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Ping pong is one of those games that never loses its entertainment factor. If your friend doesn’t have room for a full-sized ping pong table, however, never fear! This portable tabletop version will fit in any home.

Pineapple Absorbent Drink Coaster set - Handmade by McCarter Coasters - 4.38 inch (4pc)

Pineapple Coasters

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Pineapples are super trendy right now, and these cool coasters are no exception. They are ceramic and come in a set of four, so coffee cup marks on your friend’s table will be a thing of the past.

YOUSHARES 72 Slots Pencil Case - PU Leather Handy Multi-layer Large Zipper Pen Bag with Handle Strap for Colored/Watercolor Pencil (Turquoise)

Pen Case

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This hand-stitched red leather pen case is not only gorgeous, but functional too – it will protect your pens and protect your pockets from ink stains. The recipient’s initials can be stamped on to the leather too for a really personalised touch.

Kolorspun Pancakes Enamel Lapel Pin

Pancake Pin

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In the wise words of Ron Swanson, “Breakfast food can serve many purposes.” One of those purposes being looking insanely cute in pin form. Let your friend show off their love for their favourite breakfast food with this fab stack of pancakes!

SHLAX&WING Paisley Blue Pink Silk Pocket Square Mens Hankies Hanky

Pocket Square

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If the person you’re buying for is hip and stylish and into all things trendy, this cool pocket square might be just the thing you’re looking for! Made from 100% cotton and hand-sewn, it’s the perfect gift for a dapper gent.

iPhone 6/6s plus Shock Absorption Case (5.5 inch screen), Pizza Pattern Design

Pizza Phone Case

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It’s incredibly hard to trust someone who doesn’t like pizza. It’s one of those foods that can be eaten for every meal, and for every occasion. Pay tribute to the humble pizza with this groovy phone case!

Goodman and Wife Heavy Hand Pressed Ancient Stressed Round Flower Pot or Planter with Loop Handles Vintage White

Pottery Plant Pot

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Surely this is already a winner – check out how many P’s are in the name! Not to mention how stinkin’ adorable this little plant pot is. Team this planter with a succulent for a ready-to-go gift!

GIFTEXPRESSⓇ 12 PCS Faux White Pearl Bead Necklaces Flapper Beads Party Accessory Party Favor, White Bead Necklace for Mardi Gras, Girl Party favors Stuffer, White Bead Wedding Decoration

Pearl Necklace

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Pearl jewellery is classic and timeless, and this necklace brings a slightly modern twist to the age-old trend. Reasonably priced and beautiful, this floating pearl would look chic and stunning on anyone.

ASUTRA Lavender & Chamomile Essential Oil Blend, Aromatherapy Spray, 4 fl oz | for Face, Body, Rooms, & Linens | Helps Relax Mind & Body to Sleep | Pure Soothing Comfort

Pillow Spray

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If your friend is always on the go, this pillow spray would make an awesome present. Made with six different essential oils to promote calmness and sleep, simply spray the blend onto a pillow a few minutes before bedtime. They’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors


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Honestly, it doesn’t get much sweeter than this. This hand-painted, totally personal and unique portrait would make an incredibly thoughtful gift. Each portrait can include up to five people (or more for a slightly higher price), so it can feature those that mean the most to your friend.

Talking Tables Decadent Decorations Pom Pom Garland (8 Ft.) for a Tea Party, Birthday or Luau Party, Multicolor

Pom Pom Garland

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Add a funky pop of colour to your friend’s home with this sweet felt garland. Available in a range of lengths, it is sure to brighten up any room!

Jude Jewelers Transparent Acrylic Resin Dry Flower Candy Color Wedding Band Party Ring (Blue, 8)

Pressed Flower Ring

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This stunning forget-me-not ring is made from high-quality resin, real pressed flowers, and dried moss. It’s delicate and beautiful, and would make a truly thoughtful P-themed gift.

Desert Essence Peppermint Soap Bar - 5 Ounce - Cleanse & Soothes Skin - Tea Tree Oil - Aloe Vera - Jojoba Oil - Refreshing Rich Scent - Acne - Invigorating Moisturizer

Peppermint Soap

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I don’t know if you’ve ever used peppermint soap before, but it is quite the experience! It leaves you feeling fresh and your skin tingles, making you feel awake and alert. Share the experience by gifting this gorgeous soap!

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Penguin Slippers

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I would be lying if I said I didn’t want these. Channel your inner Happy Feet with these incredible slippers that will make your feet look just like a penguin’s. Perfect for chilly evenings, crisp mornings, or any time really.

Real Dandelion Paperweight (X-Large) - Made from a Real Dandelion Seed Puff


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Paperweights needn’t be a boring present. This lovely brass snail will guard important papers with his life, minus the slimy trail. Genuine vintage, this paperweight would make a really unique present.

Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, Desk Phone Holder, Cradle, Dock, Compatible with iPhone 15, 14, Plus, Pro, Pro Max, 13 12 X XS,4-8' Phones, Office Accessories, All Android Smartphone, Black

Phone Stand

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These days, people use their phones for everything – reading, watching movies, and accessing recipes, just to name a few. This phone stand will make all of those activities easier by propping the phone up in the perfect position for hands-free entertainment!

Paper Mate 1862168 Mates 1.3mm Mechanical Pencils, Assorted Colored Barrels, 8-Count


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If these aren’t the coolest pencils you’ve ever seen, you’re probably lying. They’re made from real twigs, and are seriously eye-catching. I, personally, have a set of these, and can vouch for their quality 100%!

Periodic Table of Elements Canvas Wall Art Print, 24'x16'x1.25'

Periodic Table Wall Print

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Great for anyone who works in science or academia, or just someone who likes cool nerdy art.

Maverick Playing Cards, Standard Index, Red and Blue, 12 Pack

Playing Cards

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There are an infinite number of awesome card games to play, and this deck will make them all that much better. They’re a vintage souvenir set from Washington DC, in completely unused condition.

Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack. No Salt Added! 5 Unique Flavors for Meat, Pasta, Salad, Veggies, Eggs & More.

Popcorn Seasoning

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Whether or not you end up buying this as your P-themed present, you need to know this stuff exists. This tub of seasoning will make your popcorn taste like freshly bakes potatoes topped with sour cream, bacon, chives, butter, cheese, salt, and pepper. I am not joking.

Have you found the perfect P-themed gift? Or maybe you’ve sneakily found something for yourself instead? (We won’t tell!) Let us know if you purchase any of these awesome items! We’re @uniquegifter on Instagram and @ugifter on Twitter.

For more inspiration, here is the ultimate list of gifts that start with every letter of the alphabet.

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