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20 Gift Ideas for an Aries Woman

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An Aries woman is courageous, confident, optimistic, passionate, and a natural born leader. She sets high goals and conquers every one of them. 

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Use her astrological sign to give you some hints! If she loves reading her horoscope or not, you can find great inspiration for giving the perfect present by thinking of her traits.

Here are 20 gift ideas for an Aries woman. And if you clicked too early on our site, we have some gift ideas for the Taurus woman here

Gift List For An Aries

But what will you, as a gifter, give this leader?

Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler

Gift ideas for an aries woman that will give her energy to conquer the world.

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Tea is the perfect gift for an Aries woman. Caffeinated tea to pump her up, and herbal tea to calm her down. And if she’s obsessed with tea, check out our gift list for tea afficionados. 

Mountains Teapot

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And a teapot to go with her new tea.

Stretchy Pajama Bottoms

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Who doesn’t love comfy clothing? An Aries woman is absolutely a fan of comfy, roomy pajamas.

Mood Ring

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A well-known weakness of someone born under Aries is that they tend to be a little bit moody. Help your Aries friend discover her mood with this beautiful mood ring.

Inspirational Journal Cards

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Who doesn’t need a little bit more inspiration in their life? If she’s a journalist, don’t forget to check out our gift list here

Mermaid Journal

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Keeping a journal is a great idea for an Aries woman. Something that she can write her triumphs in and take note of any steps or bumps on any journey that she may be on.

Dragon Kite

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There is something so wonderful about having a kite. Even without kids, flying a kite can relieve stress and bring plenty of joy and happiness.

Rookie of the Year DVD

If she likes baseball, this is perfect for gift ideas for an aries woman.

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As baseball season approaches at around the time of an Aries woman’s birthday, getting her in the mood for spring’s big sport is a smart move.

The Greatest Baseball Stories Ever Told

Gift ideas for an aries woman who likes baseball and is a reader.

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If she is more of a reader, then give her this book full of the best baseball stories ever.

Rain Boots

Gift ideas for an aries woman if she's fashionable.

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Perfect for the spring weather that comes up around her birthday.

Light Active Rain Jacket

Gift ideas for an aries woman to keep her warm.

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Is she a runner? Does she want to be a runner? Give her that push she needs to start running this spring with this active rain jacket.

Spring Art Sign

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Remind her why her season is so wonderful with this sign.

Umbrella Earrings

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The saying “April showers bring May flowers” rings true. Let her show off her season with these earrings.

Umbrella and Raindrop Necklace

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Or this beautiful necklace.

Sweat Now Water Bottle

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Perfect for the active Aries.

Baseball Tank Top

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Help her show off her love of baseball with this tank top.

Warm and Cozy Coffee Mug

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The perfect way to start off her day: warm and cozy.

Leave a Little Sparkle Sign

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Make her smile with this quote sign.

Herb Garden Seed Starter Collection

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Spring is the perfect time to start gardening. Get here this herb garden seed starter collection to get her going.

Your Own Little Greenhouse Seed Starter Kit

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Put those seeds in this seed starter kit and make sure that they grow tall and strong.

Is your gift to your Aries friend going to be the best gift ever? Tell us your favorite ideas in the comments section. If you get any of these, be sure to let us know! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @unique gifter on Instagram.  

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