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20 Gift Ideas for Carpenters

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If their passion is carpentry, celebrate their craftsmanship with a thoughtful gift. There are varieties gift ideas for carpenters, but if you want to impress, choose a personalized item that will be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Gift Ideas for Carpenters

Gift ideas for carpenters

Whether they are amateur woodworkers or professional carpenters, they will appreciate any of these gifts:

These gifts are:

Carpenter assembly tool belt

This belt will be used as a tool holder to ensure a good working rhythm. Having all the tools in one place reduces time wastage.

Occidental Leather Bag

Occidental Leather Bag gift ideas for carpenters

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Personalized wooden tape measure

Let the tape measure speak for itself. Since most work involves wood, why not go for a wooden tool? This is a gorgeous tape measure that they won’t already own.

Mahogany Tape Measure

Mahogany Tape Measure useful gift ideas for carpenters

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Magnetic Tool Wristband

Once wrapped around the wrist, all nails/screws will be secure and safely within reach.  These things are ridiculously handy.

Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wristband gift ideas for carpenters

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Multi-Bit Screwdriver

This lifesaver will enable them to switch between the bits in under three seconds.

Stanley Multi-Bit Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are perfect gift ideas for carpenters

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A hammer

Do not overlook this item. Yes, they may have one, or several, already, but they wear out or get misplaced. Get them one with a rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

Stanley Fiberglass Hammer

Carpenters will love hammers as a gift

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Tote Bag

Provide them with a bag that has a large interior to carry all the saws, screwdrivers, and hammers.

Custom Tote Bag

Custom tote bag - perfect gift idea for a carpenter

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Carpenter work gloves

The thumb, palm, and fingertips need extra protection. In addition, a glove will add comfort and the open finger design will allow better dexterity.

IRWIN Carpenter Gloves

Gift ideas for carpenters should include carpenter gloves

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Pencil set

Get them a tough pencil that can mark a variety of surfaces.

IRWIN Carpenter’s Pencil

Pencil set gift ideas for carpenters

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Chisel set

For carvings around the wood, carpenters will often need this tool.

Irwin Woodworking Chisel

Carpenters love chisel sets

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In artisanship, accuracy is key. Combine function and beauty with this mahogany carpenter level.  It might remind the recipient of their grandfather’s workbench.

Mahogany Carpenter Level

A level is one of the best gifts you can give a carpenter

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Utility Knife Gift Ideas for Carpenters | Birthday Gifts for Men | Anniversary Gifts for Husband | Boyfriend | Girlfriend | Wife | Spouse | Job Gifts | Trades | Red Seal

More than ever, a carpenter will need a utility knife that is durable.  Luckily, new utility knives are much more ergonomic and handily store extra blades right in the handle.

Stanley Stainless Steel Retractable Blade

Stainless Steel blade gift ideas for carpenters

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Angle Square

For greater accuracy. Square cuts are essential for framing applications.

Rafter Angle Square

Rafter angle square perfect gift ideas for carpenters

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Power Drill

Who doesn’t love a power tool? You can never have enough of them in your arsenal.

Black & Decker Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Power drills are perfect gift ideas for carpenters

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Digital calipers

Any carpenter will spend plenty of time measuring and marking the wood to identify places that need cutting. Get a super-accurate readout by opting for digital calipers.

Neiko Digital Caliper

Carpenters love digital calipers as gifts

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Sanding in an old-fashioned way can be time-consuming. Therefore, instead of using sandpaper, get them a sander to ensure they get smoother finishes.

Black & Decker Orbit Sander

Sander gift ideas for carpenters

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Bar Clamp

A bar clamp will give the carpenter another pair of hands in the workshop.

Bessey Bar Clamp

Your dad or carpenter will love this bar clamp gift idea

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Table saw

A table saw suffices for most projects. This item substitutes a handsaw and makes it easier to cut through wood. Straight cuts or angled cuts will be achieved with precision.

DEWALT Table Saw

Table saws are the best gift ideas for carpenters

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Perfect for all carpentry projects. The bib pockets are very convenient for holding tools together.  Overalls make great gift ideas for carpenters

Carhartt Carpenter Overalls

Overalls as practical gift ideas for carpenters

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To enhance their projects, get them a router for creating designs on wood. This item can also be used to make holes.

DEWALT Compact Router

Your carpenter will love this DEWALT compact router

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An Inspirational Book

At some point, they will feel like they are drowning in work. Get them something inspirational to keep them going.

The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All 

Inspire your carpenter with this book - gift ideas for carpenters

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More Gifts for Carpenters

Are you looking for some great gift ideas for the carpenter in your life? If so, look no further!

Whether you are looking for a sensible gift with purpose, or a funny gift for the jokester, you are sure to find the perfect gift, down below! Check out these 20 great gift ideas that carpenters will appreciate.

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

circular saw pizza cutter for carpenters

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Your favorite carpenter uses a circular saw on the job, and now he can use one in the kitchen! The shield is removable for easy cleanup, or he can just pop it in the dishwasher.

Carpenter Gloves

Youngstown fingerless woodworking gloves

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You can never go wrong with a pair of gloves. Fortunately, these carpenter gloves come in five different sizes, so you are sure to get a good fit!

Pencil Sharpener

Wood pencil sharpener gift for carpenters

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Don’t forget to gift a pencil sharpener, with your funny carpenter pencils! This Irwin brand pencil sharpener was made to use with carpenter pencils.

Thank You Hammer

Thank you engraved hammer gift idea for carpenters

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This is another sweet gift idea, to dad, from your kiddo. It will look great hanging up on the garage wall, or in Dad’s office!

Digital Tape Measure

digital tape measure for carpenters

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This digital tape measure is the perfect gift for the carpenter who’s eyesight may not be as strong as it once was!

Funny Handyman Shirt

funny carpenters measure twice cut once shirt

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Measure twice, cut once, curse, repeat. Only a true handyman or carpenter will get all the feels from this shirt!

Multipurpose Laser Level

multipurpose level tool for carpenters gift idea

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There are many tools that are a staple for carpenters. A level is one of them! Check out this multipurpose level, complete with a laser!

Magnetic Wristband

magnetic fastener bracelet wrist screw holder

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Sometimes you just need an extra hand to hold your screws, nails, washers, nuts or drill bits. Well, this magnetic wristband will be the new hero, as it has 10 super strong magnets throughout, to do just that. It can even be secured to a belt, if your carpenter doesn’t want it on his wrist!

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Carpenters insulated wine tumbler

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No one ever said that girls can’t be carpenters, too! The female carpenter in your life is absolutely going to love keeping her wine cool in this stainless steel wine tumbler.

Angelizer Template Tool

angleizer template for making precise corner cuts

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You may not have any idea how to use this tool, but I bet your carpenter will. This nifty tool will allow him to measure angles of any degree, and get the job done!

Tool Cookie Cutters

Tool cookie cutters or making carpenter themed cookies

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These tool shaped cookie cutters would make a great gift, however, an even better gift would be tool shaped cookies, that are already baked! Turn that oven on, and get to rolling!

Multitool Pen

multi tool measuring level pen for carpenters gift

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What could be more amazing than a pen that functions in 6 different ways?! This pen can be used as a level, stylus, 4” ruler, pen, and screwdriver (both flathead and phillips), and can easily fit in pockets.

Cushioned Knee Pads

cushioned kneepads for work

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When you think about a carpenter, you are probably thinking wood, nails, hammers, and arm movement, but never their knees! Well, carpenters spend plenty of time kneeling down, so these gel cushioned knee pads will become a lifesaver!

Level Cufflinks

Level cufflinks funny gift idea for carpenters

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These unique cufflinks are going to look great in your carpenter’s sleeves! The only tough decision you will have to make is whether or not to get the red, green, or blue cufflinks.

Anti-fog Safety Goggles

Dewalt fog resistant goggles

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Eye protection is a must for carpenters. Not only do these goggles provide optimum eye safety, they won’t fog up, while being worn!

Tablesaw Pop Socket

funny cellphone popsocket for carpenters

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Rock, paper, scissors, uh, tablesaw? This popsocket is certainly going to bring a laugh out of your carpenter, and his buddies!

Sawdust Whiskey Glass

sawdust engineer whiskey glass for carpenters

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Carpenter or sawdust engineer? Either way, this funny whiskey glass is sure to get plenty of use.

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