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20 Gift Ideas for a Teenager who Likes Computers

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Why are teenagers so hard to buy gifts for? And why do the spend so much time on the computer?

Well, anyway, here’s some gift ideas for those impossible to buy for teenagers who like computers.


Gift Ideas for a Teenager who Likes Computers

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer Travel Mug

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Occasionally teenagers have to leave the house. That’s NOT an opportunity to ask them to come by and fix your computer, though.

Gaming Headset

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A great pair of wireless headphones are almost crucial when you’re gaming online or even just wanting to chat with friends.

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open Mug

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Life is so overwhelming and it’s hard to concentrate, especially when you’re a teenager. Put that feeling into words they can understand.

Charging Station

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Chances are if they like computers they’re probably attached to other technology too. Get them a charging station so they can keep everything ready to go.

Loading Decal

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It’s not sleep, it’s a loading screen. Why does it have to take so long and happen every night? Ugh.

Troll Magic 8 Ball

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An internet spin on the classic magic-8 ball. LOL.

Eat, Sleep, Code Shirt

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It’s the tough life of anyone programming anything. At least computers are a beacon of useful skills for the future!

Computer Parts Clock

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This clock is made from recycled computers parts so not only is it good for the environment it fits in well with their computer aesthetic.

Nerd Tree Ornament

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A perfect Christmas gift to your favourite nerdy teenager.

Bracelet Set

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These stamped bracelets have computer-related phrases like “Still in beta”, “Glitchy”, and “404 Not Found”.

Computer Magnets

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This set of 6 magnets cover all the bases of computer life. Perfect for hanging your non-digital notes and messages on the fridge but not so good to stick to your computer.

Just Five More Minutes Sign

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This art sign perfectly captures the computer loving teenagers favourite quote “Just five more minutes”.

Head/Body Shirt

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This nerdy t-shirt is referencing HTML code that builds up websites.


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There are so many of these to choose one so pick something that fits in with their tastes. You probably can’t go wrong with a retro controller, though.


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This grumpy necklace complains non-verbally that its wearer is currently away from their computer.

Geektastic Book

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Whatever their interest this book has stories to fit it. Filled with hope, pick me ups, and otherwise helpful advice for geeky kids of all kinds.

LED Backlighting

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Give their desk space a futuristic underglow with this backlighting. They can even choose the color!

Keyboard Cleaner

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This falls into the category of practical gift, but it’s really practical. Chances are their keyboard has never been cleaned so this will be appreciated.


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Sometimes it gets a little warm hiding in their bedroom on the computer all day. Help the teenager cool down with a USB fan.

A New Computer

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Let’s be honest here, this is hands down the best way to wow any teenager who likes computers. Find something to suit their needs and wrap it up. They’re going to be so surprised!

Maybe spending all this time on the computer will turn into a career for them! (It did for me!) It’s great to show them a bit of encouragement and support with a computer related gift.

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