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20 Gift Ideas for Backcountry Skiers

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Your friend is a backcountry skier, and you want to get them something to celebrate their next ski trip. Check out some of the ideas below to figure out what is a fitting gift for them, or will at least make their trip easier and more fun! They will appreciate the fact that you put thought into it, and cared enough about them and their adventures to get them something to make it even more special.

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Gift Ideas for Backcountry Skiers

Wantdo Unisex Knitted Hat

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One of the most important things in snowy weather is to keep their head warm. This knit hat even comes in easy to see colors so that they are easy to spot as they swerve around trees!

Sorel Women’s Winter Boots

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They need good winter boots to wear to keep their feet warm, cozy, and supported while they ski or just chill.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set of 8

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When they stop to take a break for lunch, they might want to cook up some marshmallows for s’mores dessert afterwards.

Hemlock Warm Hoodie Coat

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A coat fit for the cold and snow is a necessity. If your friend’s coat has seen better days, but they don’t want to replace it yet, you might want to take the initiative to get them a new one. This one is super styling too!

Thermos Foogo 10-ounce Insulated Food Jar

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Great for taking hot soups or chili along to eat and refuel during their ski trip, is this insulated food jar. They can cook it up ahead of time and keep it hot in here until it’s time to eat lunch.

Arctix Snow Pants

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As we know, the right kind of gear for snow and skiing is always good to have. Someone who skis, or does other winter sports, can never have too many snow pants to wear!

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix

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Whether they cook it up at home before they go, after they get back, or from a fire in the backcountry, this Nestle hot cocoa will be a nice treat to warm them up from the inside!

Rocky Thermal Long John Underwear Set

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It is super cold in the snow and they need to layer up to stay warm, and that starts with the thermal underwear underneath their gear!

Icy Hot Extra Strength Medicated Patch

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They may come back with achy backs or joints, and having an Icy Hot medicated patch will help ease those aches and pains so that they can go about their lives without issues.

Flannel Fleece Blanket

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Get your friend this flannel fleece blanket to keep them warm at home, or in a cabin, after they have been skiing all day!

Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover

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Another great tool for easing achy spots is a rubber hot water bottle that they can place on that spot and get rid of that pain!

Oval Horsehair Ski Wax Brush

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Great for brushing and smoothing out the wax on their ski, this horsehair ski wax brush is perfect for your friend!

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle

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Give your friend this thermos to take their coffee, tea, or hot cocoa along for the ride to the backcountry! That way they will be refreshed and ready to go when they get there!

Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet

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Help your friend keep their head safe with this stylish snow sports helmet, perfect for backcountry skiing.

BIC Multi-Purpose Lighters

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Your friend can light a fire quick and easy with these multi-purpose lighters. No worrying about matches or rubbing sticks together to get a fire going with these along for the ride.

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Backpack

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While they are whizzing down the hills, they can wear this snow sport backpack to carry whatever they may need to make the trip memorable and fun.

Progresso Homestyle Chicken Soup

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Buy your friend some homestyle chicken soup to keep their tummies happy before or during their skiing expedition.

Traverse Varia Ski Goggles

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Not only do they need to keep their heads protected, they also need to keep their eyes protected from debris and anything else that may get blown into their face, and these ski goggles are awesome for that.

Carhartt Insulated Waterproof Gloves

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Gloves to keep their hands warm as they climb mountains, and then ski down them, will be much appreciated!

Give your friend any one of these thoughtful gifts to show them you care and want them to enjoy their backcountry ski trip, or try these on for size if they are a split border!

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