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20 Gift Ideas for Tea Afficionados

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There are coffee people and then there are tea people. Those who love tea love it a lot. These 20 gift ideas will be hits with all tea lovers.

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Gift Ideas for Tea Afficionados

Travel Mug

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This travel mug works with both loose leaf tea and tea bags, providing options to the tea lover.


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do you know a tea lover who also adores sloths? Then this is the infuser for you!


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keep organized with this stunning stainless steel unit. It even has room for tea condiments.

Bag Holder

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it is frustrating for tea drinkers when the string of the bag falls into the hot water. These snail bag holders are the perfect answer to this dilemma.

Tea mug

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these natural solid wood tea mugs are a beautiful gift to share with a tea lover.

Tea set

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There is nothing better then a cup of tea shared amongst friends and this will be the perfect tea set for sharing.

Tea pot

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this isn’t any ordinary tea pot, with its teal colour and twisting effect on the exterior.


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a Tea lover always appreciates a top up of their stash.

Tea Box

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a beautiful box for a tea lover with a taste for classic items


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a beautiful message on a spoon for a tea lover.

Cookie cutter

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cookies are the best pairing with tea, and these tea shaped cookie cutters will be a great gift idea.


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This will keep a tea lover organized every day.


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this sign will look wonderful in the kitchen of a tea aficionados.


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These socks will keep the toes warm as the tea lover curls up around a good cup of tea.


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Start the day right with a cup of tea and this pin.

Tea Cozy

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This beautiful tea cozy will keep the pot of tea warm and ready to drink.

Lip Balm

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lip balm that will make a tea lovers lips soft that is also their favorite tea flavor, nothing could be a better gift.


a beautiful piece of jewelry for a tea lover.

T Tea Pot

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for the tea lover with a sense of humor, this tea pot is a great play on words.


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Laser engraved wooden gift tea coasters with a great message.

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