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20 Gift Ideas for Travelers to Europe

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Do you have a friend who’s traveling to Europe? Apart from feeling insanely jealous, there is something else you could do. Why not get them a bon voyage gift to wish them all the best on their travels? (And then maybe they’ll bring you back a bottle of that wine you love!)

Gift Ideas for Travelers to Europe

I Was Here Travel Journal

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This cool travel journal is the perfect gift for travelers to Europe. They’ll be so grateful that they can record their memories in a way that they’ll want to keep forever.

Europe Travel Guide

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An obvious but totally essential gift! They’ll need it to plan their trip and also to find spontaneous places to explore while away.

Europe Phrasebook

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“Être con comme un balai!” Help your friends avoid being as called as dumb as a broom by giving them this phrasebook. They’ll be able to communicate like a local wherever they go!

Carry on Cocktail

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So you can’t afford to pay for them to upgrade to first class, but you can give them the experience with this Carry on Cocktail set!

Passport Cover

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Get your traveling friend this European map passport cover so, during their trip, they never forget where they are!

Day Pack

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This hipster day pack will keep them looking stylish as they saunter the streets of Rome.

Water Bottle

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All that sightseeing is thirsty work! Make sure your friend keeps hydrated with this collapsible water bottle. Just make sure they don’t take it on the plane filled up or it’ll be in the TSA bin before they know it!

Travel Pillow

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Your friend won’t know what to do when you give them this weird-looking travel pillow! Though they’ll be thanking you for it when it’s time for sleep on the plane (or when they’ve feeling a little lonely and need something to cuddle!)

Packing Cubes

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These cool cubes are a gift that any friend would be grateful for.  They make packing so easy! No more unpacking every time they get to a new hotel, they can just take out the cubes, open them up and put them in a draw. Sorted!

Fitness Kit

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After eating their weight in irresistible pasta, wine and cheese your friend will be grateful for this portable fitness kit!

City Walks Paris

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Give your friend a personal city tour with this book of essential Paris walks.

Photo Album

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Why not give the gift of memories? While it won’t help out much on their trip, this Europe-themed photo album will be treasured for years after once they fill it with their favourite snaps.

Travel Cards

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Make your friend’s trip even more of an adventure with these amazing travel cards! Each card is a mini-challenge to encourage to get them out of their comfort zone and start experiencing the local’s Europe.

Travel Organiser

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If your friend’s trip is still a little way off, get them this inspiring travel organiser. They’ll have so much fun using it to collect ideas and plan their European trip of a lifetime.

Packing Checklist

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Is your friend one of those people who leaves all their packing until the night before their flight? We all know one of those, so make it a little easier for them with this packing checklist gift.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

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This is a great, practical gift that will save a ton of time and space.  They can just fill it with toiletries and then hang it up on the back of their bathroom door for the night!

Neck Pouch

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This neck pouch will keep valuables just as secure as a travel belt but without any of those embarrassing “I need to get some more money out, but how do I do this without looking weird?” moments!

Waterproof Phone and Camera Pouch

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Keep their phone or camera safe even if they get a little too close to the Trevi Fountain!

Airplane Footrest

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Make that transatlantic flight a little less painful with this ingenious footrest.

Luggage Scale

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An essential tool for deciding how many of their clothes they’ll need to leave behind so they can bring all of that French wine back and still be under the weight limit!


Which of these fun but useful gifts are you going to choose for your friend who’s traveling to Europe? Whether it’s an essential item or an added extra, they’ll be so grateful to receive any of these bon voyage gifts.  If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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