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20 Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s

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Ah the 00’s decade. Pop music took over radio waves, flip phones were the hottest thing, and burning your own CD’s made you the coolest kid on the block. Life was simple! If you plan to host a 2000s themed party or just want to celebrate this amazing decade you have to check out our amazing list of gift ideas to celebrate the 00s below.

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Millennium Themed Gift Ideas To Celebrate the 00s

Take a trip down memory lane with the coolest gift ideas to celebrate the 00’s Decade. Party décor to hilarious T-Shirts this list has a little something for everyone that we are certain will bring back all the good memories.

Buffalo Games - 2000's Ultimate Trivia - BuzzFeed Games

2000’s Ultimate Trivia

There’s no better way to celebrate the awesome decade of 00’s than this 2000’w themed trivia game! Impress everyone with your knowledge.

Funny Myspace Mug

Before Facebook took over the world myspace was the coolest! Launching in 2003 it instantly became a massive hit. You could customize your background, pick your top friends, and even put your favorite song for everyone to hear when they checked your page. This coffee mug brings back many memories of the 00’s.

Black & Blue by Backstreet Boys (2000-11-20)

Backstreet Boys CD

You can’t celebrate the 2000’s without one of the biggest bands! Backstreet boys were insanely popular in this decade! Their album Black & Blue dropped in 2000 and was on repeat in many homes. Grab it today and relive some awesome memories.

CD Player Portable, Rechargeable Portable CD Player for Car and Travel, Walkman CD Player with Headphone and Anti-Skip/Shockproof, Personal CD Player with LCD Display, AUX Cable, Backlight


If you grew up in this decade we are certain you had a discman, Walkman, whichever brand or name yours went by! You can still buy them surprisingly. So if you want to relive your youth grab one of these and dust off your CD collection.

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - MSN messenger log in symbol on a white baseball hat.

MSN Messenger Hat

Internet speeds were slow in this decade but we still managed. One way to keep in contact with friends was AOL Messenger chat! Make a fancy name, put song lyrics in fancy font, and log on and off to get someone’s attention. This hat is a blast from the past and an instant way to celebrate that time in your life.

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - White t-shirt with LimeWire symbol on it.

LimeWire T-Shirt

Oh LimeWire, how many family computers were destroyed by viruses from you! This software launched in 2000 and pretty much everyone used it to download music, videos, and even movies. Nothing says 00’s like rocking some LimeWire gear.

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Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards launched in the late 90’s but blew up in the early 2000’s. Especially in North America. What better way to celebrate the 00’s than this amazing Pokémon card bundle (that are mostly OG cards).

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - party times printout

Party Times Printout

This is a great way to remember a certain year from the 00’s. It has the biggest headlines, costs of things during the year, and overall cool facts from that year.

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - party banner themed to the 2000's

00’s Party Banner

If you plan to have a a party to celebrate the 00’s you definitely need this hilarious 00’s themed party banner!

Enday Stackable Pencils in Dazzling, 8 PC Translucent Multi Point Push Fun Pencils with Matching Erasers, Stacking Point Lead Pencil for School Office Kids Teacher,

Cartridges Pencils

What Kid didn’t have one of these cartridges pencils in school? They are such a reminder of the 00’s! The only down side to these, if you lost one of the cartridges the pencil was basically useless! Grab a pack today to help celebrate the 00’s!

Three brightly colored party cups that says 00's on it.

00’s Party Cups

The best way to celebrate the amazing decade of 00’s, these brightly colored party cups!

Mosailles 35Pcs 2000s Party Photo Booth Props 00s Party Decorations 2000's Theme Birthday Party Supplies Vintage Retro Y2K Party Decor

2000s Party Photo Booth Props

No 00’s themed party would be complete without a photo booth (or someone with their phone taking photos) and these awesome 2000’s themed party photo booth props!

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - retro samsung flip phone

Retro Flip Phone

Yes! You can still buy flip phones! These were everywhere in the 00’s. If you were lucky enough to have a cell you had a flip phone. You can buy new ones OR you can be super cool and buy this retro one from the early 2000’s.

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - black t-shirtw ith dial up symbol on it.

Dial Up Internet T-Shirt

Kids today will never understand the struggle we had in the early 2000’s. Dial up internet. You couldn’t use it if someone was on the phone, it took forever to dial up, and no way could you sneak on it without that horrible dial tone alerting everyone! This T-shirt is a funny reminder of those days.

I Survived Y2k, 2000s Nostalgia, Classic Computer, Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Sticker

Remember when Y2K was a real fear? Computers were suppose to crash, banks, and power plants. People were scared. However nothing actually happened but this adorable little sticker is a funny reminder.

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - various classic movies and t  shows on VHS

VHS Tapes

Still have a VCR kicking round? Well if you plan to celebrate the 00’s you need to dust it off and plug it in! Grab some of these Classic shows and movies from the 2000’s and have a movie night!

y2k album cover art collage.

Y2K Album Cover Art Collage

Ah the music memories! You can create your own 00’s album cover collage here! Pick your favorite CD’s and artists and display that bad boy for all to see.

Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 00s (Decade) - green and red lip smackers tumbler water bottles.

Lip Smackers Tumbler

Who didn’t have one or ten lip smackers on the go! You never finished one before losing it and were always asking your parents to buy more! These two are 00’s classics! A great way to celebrate that decade is purchasing one of these amazing lip smackers tumblers.

The Sims themed wine glass.

The Sims Wine Glass

It would be crazy to make a list celebrating the 00’s and not include one of the greatest games that came out in 2000! The Sims! So many games and expansion packs later people still love playing this game, but who cant forget the OG game that graced us back then.

Juicy Couture Bling Track Jacket Liquorice 1 PT/XS (US 0)

Juicy Couture Bling Tracksuit

Velour tracksuits came out in the 80’s but Juicy Couture took over the world in the 2000’s. Every celebrity was seen rocking these and every girl was begging their parents to own one. Now you can!

Want some more decade inspired gift ideas? Check out our lists for the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

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