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20 Gift Ideas to Celebrate the 50s (Decade)

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I am so excited to share these gift ideas to celebrate the 50s! Whether you are throwing a 50’s themed party, or you want to give a gift to someone who was born or raised in the 50s for them to celebrate, there is a gift for either in this gift. A lot of great things happened in the 50s. It is a fun decade to celebrate in any shape or form!

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20 Vintage Gift Ideas To Celebrate The 50s

Take a trip back to the 50s with these terrific presents. 

1950s Curlasette Curlers

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These awesome 1950’s Curlasette curlers will bring them back in time!

1950s Ridgway Parisienne Plates

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Serve up finger sandwiches or crackers on these lovely Ridgway Parisienne plates!

Classic Dome Metal Lunchbox and Thermos Original Illustration

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This classic dome metal lunchbox and thermos illustration will look awesome on the wall to celebrate or as a piece of permanent decor.

1950s Angie Cakes Hair Wrap

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Dressing up in clothes and accessories from the 1950s is super fun, especially with a hair wrap with Angie Cakes on them.

New Vintage Swedish Wool M39 Army Blazer

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Keep warm while you celebrate with this new vintage Swedish wool M39 army blazer from the ’50s.

Retro Clipart

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Poodle skirts, jukeboxes, 50’s car, and more in this set of retro clipart for creating graphics and other images too.

Assorted Glass Decor

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These assorted glass decor from the 1950s will make Christmas even more fun this year.

Atomic Digital Paper

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Create some quote graphics or print the atomic digital paper and hang it up on the wall to reminisce about the 1950s.

1950s Hazel Atlas Ripple Pink Crinoline Dishes

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These impressive ripple pink crinoline dishes are great for serving food on to remind you of the 1950s, whether you are serving food at a party or just for a family dinner.

Empress Theodora Pin

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The Empress Theodora pin is circa the 1950s and will look great on a decade accurate outfit, or otherwise.

Vintage 1950s Antiqued Coppery Brass Fleur de Lis Star

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You can make some necklaces with these vintage 1950s antiqued coppery brass Fleur de Lis Star pendants.

Vintage 1950s The New Fun with Dick and Jane Digital Download

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Fun with Dick and Jane is a classic, and now you can have the digital download and read it to your kids or grandkids!

Sam Cooke Jackie Wilson Vintage Soul Music Concert Vintage Poster

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This is an excellent piece of decor to hang up on the wall at home to remind you of the 1950s and how fun the concerts were.

Vintage 1950s and 1960s Inspired Retro Atomic Stud Earrings

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This fun and sparkly vintage 1950’s and 60’s inspired retro atomic stud earrings will make celebrating the decade even more fun.

Blue and White Flying Phoenix Plates

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If the Ridgway Parisienne plates above are not your thing, then perhaps you can serve food on these blue and white flying Phoenix plates.

12 EPS Vector Graphics Retro Vintage 1950s

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Create graphics and more with these EPS vector graphics from the 1950s.

Vintage 1950s Texas Hold em Poker Socks Knitting Pattern

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If your loved one loves vintage Texas hold ‘em poker and you’re handy with knitting, these socks are must-haves.

Fifties Invitations Milkshake Diner

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There must have been nothing better than a milkshake at a diner in the 1950’s! If you’re throwing a party, these invitations are the best way to invite partygoers.

Record Seating Chart for Musical Themed Wedding

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Now you can throw a 1950’s or music themed wedding with this record seating chart!

Vintage Cup & Saucer Greeting Cards from the 1950s

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Maybe you want to say hi to someone in the 1950’s style, then grab this vintage cup and saucer greeting cards from the 1950s and write them a little note!

The 1950s had a lot of fun things that you can use for parties or just to reminisce, and these are just the tip of the iceberg! So don’t be afraid to purchase several of these awesome gift ideas to celebrate the 50s. I promise everyone is going to go wild over them. 

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