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20 Gift Ideas for Jewish Theatre Buffs

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Did you know that many musical theatre composers, lyricists, and playwrights are (or were) Jewish? Whether you’re shopping for gift ideas a fan of Jewish theatre icons, or whose just a theatre buff, we’ve got you covered.

Many Broadway theaters are even named after some of New York’s most prominent Jewish businessmen. It’s easy to see that America’s Jews deeply contributed to what theatre is and how we still experience it today. 

Gift Ideas for Jewish Theatre Buffs

These gift ideas for Jewish theatre buffs cover a wide variety of ages and interests in theatre, so celebrate their love of theatre with some of these ideas! They’d make perfect birthday gifts or something special to give on Hanukkah.

Musical Scratch-Off Poster

ANY theatre buff has likely seen many of these musicals! Help them keep track with their own scratch-off poster!

spinningrock, 100 Songs Every Theatre Nerd Should Know - Ultimate Musical Theatre Card Game - Modern Deck

100 Songs Every Theatre Nerd Should Know – Ultimate Musical Theatre Card Game – Modern Deck

The card game and gift is ideal for any musical theatre aficionado. Pair it with their classic deck to up the ante! 

theatre ticket memory album

Theatre Ticket Storage Album

Any theatre buff sees A LOT of shows! A safe place to store their ticket stubs, plus a little space to write down their thoughts!

Broadway: The American Musical

BOOK: Broadway: The American Musical

This book is a thorough companion to the Emmy-Award-Winning PBS Documentary Series. It’s considered the gold standard of musical theater history books, covering the art form’s origins from the start of the twentieth century to the new millennium’s greatest hits.

"I'm Not Yelling Im Projecting" funny Shirt

“I’m Not Yelling Im Projecting” Shirt

No matter how someone is connected to the theatre, they may be considered loud! This shirt is perfect for actors, singers, drama teachers and anyone else who may love theatre.

Scratch & Reveal Theatre Ticket gift idea for a Jewish theatre buff

Scratch & Reveal Theatre Ticket

Already giving them show tickets as a gift? Why not use this fascinating scratch & reveal ticket to unveil the surprise?

Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy

DOCUMENTARY: Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy

Available to rent, buy, or own on DVD, this documentary is spot on for seeing just how much the Jewish people have contributed to Broadway history. This engaging documentary combines cultural history with enlightening viewpoints on the origins and meanings of some of Broadway’s most well-known songs and productions.

Mezuzah gift ideas for Jewish theatre buffs

Comedy/Tragedy Mask – Orange and Blue Mezuzah

Mezuzahs serve as a constant reminder of God’s presence and commandments. So why not give them one connected with something they already love? This one is made by hand using polymer clay.

Kit Kat Club Fosse Dancer – Cabaret – Art Print

Many people gloss over the fact that the musical Cabaret has Jewish themes that still resonate in 2022. If they’ve seen the musical, they’ll appreciate a piece of art like this one!

Comedy Tragedy Theatre Mask Cotton Scarf

Comedy Tragedy Theatre Mask Cotton Scarf

In some situations, someone may need to cover their head. So, a theatre scarf could be just the right item for their gift!

Fiddler on The Roof – Sunrise Sunset Print Art

This creation is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece of art that makes a lovely gift. This particular song catches the bittersweet moments of noticing how time is passing – it’s one of the most touching moments in this particular show. 

Arts Menorah – Drama, Music, Painter, Peace, and Love

This custom menorah comes with one box of candles, reusable metal washers, and a set of LED lights with replaceable batteries, making it ideal for the theater enthusiast or anyone who appreciates the arts. Also suitable for retirement/senior homes, college dorms, and small children.

Theatre themed wall clock

Theatre Wall Clock Gift

Look for a unique clock as a gift for the theatre buffs you know? This clock is special because it is handmade from wood using laser engraving. Could be a great addition to their home, office, or even a classroom!

Candle that smells like the theatre with bourbon, mandarin, and vanilla scents

The Theater Soy Candle – Bourbon + Mandarin + Vanilla

The energy and excitement of the theater, whether performing on stage or experiencing the words from the level of the captive audience, inspired ‘The Theater.’ Warm vanilla is paired with citrus mandarin and rounded out with a warm blend of spicy bourbon.

Standing Ovation Card

Send a note of congratulations for a graduate, a new parent, someone opening a new show – whatever! Send a card like this to celebrate a theatre lover’s success.

Funny Girl Minimalist Poster 

Funny Girl is back on Broadway, so now is a great time to see a piece of the twentieth-century American Jewish experience. This poster commemorates the classic movie version, featuring Barbra Streisand.

Andy Warhol George Gershwin –  Leo Castelli Lithograph

Born into a Russian Jewish family in New York, Gershwin became a renowned jazz, opera, and musical theatre composer. This lithograph is created from part of a collection by Warhol titled “Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century.”

Theatre themed candle gift ideas for a Jewish theatre buff

A Pair Of Comedy Tragedy Mask Pewter Motif Tea Light Holders

Candles are extremely important in the Jewish faith for a variety of reasons. Gift them some fun theatre-themed candle holders for a special occasion!

Meisner Great Practitioner Quote Poster

Meisner was an American actor and acting teacher who developed the Meisner technique for acting. Meisner’s approach was founded on an emphasis on “the reality of doing.” This quote is great for actors, teachers, and anyone who enjoys creating theatre. 

Stephen Sondheim Musicals Hand Lettered Art Print

Stephen Sondheim Musicals Hand Lettered Art Print

Celebrate Stephen Sondheim’s monumental work in musical theater. This hand-lettered print includes the titles of all 19 shows for which Stephen Sondheim composed music and/or wrote lyrics. It arrives unframed, so make sure to get a frame before gifting it!

If you give them something from a show or composer they enjoy, they will talk about it for years to come! Giving a gift to the Jewish theatre buff in your life should be simple – find them something they can use, proudly display, or talk about and it’ll be a showstopper!

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