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Gifts for Contact Lense Wearers

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If you usually wear glasses the freedom that wearing contact lenses gives your face can be extremely refreshing. If someone you know has recently started wearing lenses why not get them a gift they’ll finally be able to use with ease and comfort? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Although there’s not too much to see in your local swimming pool, there’s no doubt that for many people not being able to see properly makes them a little less comfortable in the water. While you can buy prescription goggles they can be very expensive, making them an unaffordable option for many people unless you are a regular swimmer and don’t mind making the investment. Regular goggles on the other hand are very affordable, so as long as you buy a pair that can be adjusted to adequately fit the contact lens wearer they’ll finally be able to see – whether doing front, back or breaststroke.


Again, prescription sunglasses are available, but the style of sunglasses can be limited by the need to put in thick lenses – and of course, prescription sunglasses cost a lot more than regular glasses. Furthermore, if your prescription changes enough your prescription sunglasses become useless. A contact lens wearer will be able to wear any pair of sunglasses from a £10 pair on a market stall to top of the range designer brands – and they don’t need to worry about their eyesight getting worse.


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Anybody that has tried using binoculars while wearing glasses will tell you that it’s a lot more comfortable (and you get a better view) if you take your glasses off first. The problem is that if you’re bird watching, for example, you might not have the time to take off your glasses. Instead of choosing between the poor experience of using binoculars over your glasses or constantly swapping between the two contact lens wearers can enjoy both regular vision and zoomed-in vision easily.


Over-ear headphones can provide superior sound quality, but glasses wearers may find discomfort around their temples from where the headphones push against their frames. Not so bad if you’re happy enough to take off your glasses, close your eyes, lie back and enjoy your music without any interruptions, but if you’re walking around town it’s hardly ideal. If someone you know has recently started wearing contact lenses why not show them they can have perfect vision and high quality audio at the same time?


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If you’ve never had to wear glasses you probably take wearing masks for granted. Switching from glasses to contact lenses opens up a whole world of mask-related fun, whether it’s for Halloween or a masquerade ball, so why not throw a fancy dress party to celebrate?


Of course plenty of people happily wear hats and glasses every day, but certain types of hats, such as beanies, are definitely more comfortable if they aren’t squeezing the arms of your glasses against your head! If your glasses are a distinctive colour or style you’ll also have to make sure that any hats you wear don’t clash with them – a problem lens wearers don’t have to think about.

3D Television

To watch 3D television you need to wear a special pair of glasses – if you have to wear prescription glasses as well watching 3D television won’t be particularly comfortable and the image quality will also be jeopardised. While such a large gift will be out of many people’s budget, if you want to make an eye-catching impression a 3D television is just the answer.

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