Gifts for Geeks: What to Give a Gamer, Designer or Developer - Unique Gifter
Gifts for Geeks: What to Give a Gamer, Designer or Developer

Gifts for Geeks: What to Give a Gamer, Designer or Developer

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Do you have an aspiring game designer or developer in your family? Wouldn’t it be nice to nail next year’s Christmas or birthday gift? If you’re looking for something truly unique, here are a few ideas to get you started.

CMYK Playing Cards

Like real normal cards, but better. These cards are CYMK, and include all the base colors used in printers to create all kinds of prints. The Kings, Queens, Aces, Jacks, and numbers are all there, but in a more stylish and designer-geek form.

Custom Playing Cards

If you want to kick it up a notch, go for custom cards. These custom playing cards give you the option of giving your designer friend or loved one cool Star Wars-themed playing cards or a Futurama deck or maybe playing cards with faces of friends and family.

You could get really creative and put mathematical formulas and algebraic equations on the cards that add up to what the number is supposed to be on the card.

Field Note Pads

This gift is a field note pad. Take notes in style. There’s nothing fancy about it. It’s just a really nice notebook.

ColcaSac Chevron iPad Sleeve

This really nice iPad sleeve is made of environmentally-friendly materials. It has a functional front pocket which will hold your headphones, keys, or something else smallish in size. It won’t scratch your friend’s device and it gives them quick access to it.

A Desktop Cord Manager

This should be on every designer’s wish list. It’s a cord manager which will wrap up all of those iPad, iPhone, USB, and small power cords on the desk. There are five rubber grips with 4 slots that can hold everything in place. This way, your friend or loved one won’t have to wrangle the mess of technology on his desk anymore.

Design A Person

The designer in your life might appreciate this awesome mini game. It’s a cardboard version of you, right down to your hairstyle and eye color. Your facial expression can also be captured. He or she can put the little person together and set them atop their computer monitor or just have themselves hang out on their desk.

The Nimbus Smart Dashboard and Clock

This dashboard is a dashboard and clock in one. Not impressed yet? You will be. The dashboard sits on a desk, syncs with your friend’s phone, and is personalized with information from your designer friend’s phone or tablet computer. It can show things like traffic conditions, the weather, calendar events, email, social updates, and a lot more.

In other words, it consolidates a lot of information so that he or she doesn’t have to keep pulling out the phone or tablet to check on “life.” This is both a time-saver, and more convenient than staring at a screen constantly. Plus, at the end of the day when you’ve already got eye-strain, it’s nice to be able to see big round dials instead of a smallish screen.

At $99, it’s pricey, but it definitely tops the list of “cool stuff.”




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  1. Love the playing card idea. Being a Biology lover I can imagine a lot of cool things that could be put onto cards. The Nimbus Smart Dashboard and Clock also sounds like a great idea. Anything to avoid having to continually pull out the phone sounds like a step in the right direction.

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