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How to Recycle CDs to Make Stained Glass Sun Catchers

Everyone has old CDs, and even if you got rid of yours, you can still find them at yard sales, the thrift store, or charity shop. Use old CDs and some basic, inexpensive craft supplies to make these beautiful and whimsical sun-catchers for your home. By using your old CDs to make these sun-catchers, you are also saving them from being tossed into the landfill. In addition, you will be able to create without buying as many supplies and thus save yourself money.


  • CDs or DVDs
  • Black puff paint
  • Various colors of stained glass paint for plastic or glass sun catchers
  • Decorative paper
  • Drill
  • Adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue
  • Decorative gems


  1. Drill a hole through the top of your disc. The hole will be used to thread a string or an ornament hanger for hanging the sun catcher.
  2. Cut a piece of decorative paper to the size of the disk.
  3. Use your favorite adhesive to glue the paper to the back of the disk.
  4. Use puff paint to draw an outline around the perimeter of the disc and to create a pattern on the reflective surface of the disk (the puff paint will work like the lead on stained glass designs).
  5. Allow the puff paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  6. Use the paintbrush to spread glass paint onto the reflective side of the disk, filling in the areas of the design.
  7. Allow the glass paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  8. When the glass paint is dry, hot glue a decorative gem to the middle of the disk to hide the hole.
  9. Run a piece of string or an ornament hanger through the hole and use a hanger or tie-on for your sun catcher.

Ideas and Suggestions

A cookie-cutter makes a good template for simple designs. Outline the cookie cutter with a black marker then follow the outline with puff paint.

If you wish to make a fancier looking sun catcher, glue an old broach or piece of jewelry to the middle of the disk.

Disks could be painted and used on the Christmas tree as ornaments. They could also be used as tie-ons or nametags for gift packages.

Use glitter glue as an alternative to glass paint to fill in the design. Glitter glue can often be found at dollar stores.

For a smooth paint effect, use plenty of paint to completely and carefully fill in the entire design. For a rippled-glass effect, dab the paint on in heavy dabs and do not brush it smooth.

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