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20 Best DIY Projects You’ll Want to Try Today

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There are so many great DIY, or do it yourself, projects to try out. DIY means you are making the gift yourself instead of purchasing it. A DIY gift is usually very appreciated by its receiver.
Here are some tutorials we love.

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Yarn Wrapped Painted Jars

{image credit: The Forge Style}

You just need a couple of items to make these unique textured yarn wrapped jars The Forge Style. You just need to spray paint the jars white and put some textured yarn around them. They look great with candles inside.

Tea or Coffee Cup With a Message

{image credit: JT’s Bloggedventures}

Have something to say? These cups make great gifts. They are easy to make and more fun than purchasing a gift mug.

Pebble Coasters

{image credit: Creative Green Living}

A pebble coaster is a unique gift you can make with rocks you find. It is not hard to make and people will appreciate the handmade touch of this gift.

Lip Balm

{image credit: Inhabitat}

You can buy lip balm, but it is much more fun to make your own. Add your own flavorings and coloring to personal the gift.

Cssette Tape Wallet

{image credit: Instructables}

Know a music lover? They will love this DIY cassette tape wallet. Use fabric and an old cassette you have.

Convertible Backpack Tote Bag

{image credit: Instructables}

If you have a crafty touch, everybody loves a good bag. This handmade bag is both a backpack and a stylish tote bag in one.

DIY Mittens

{image credit: Creme de la Craft}

Make your own warm mittens out of an old sweater.
Perfect for the colder months, DIY mittens are much appreciated. You just need an old sweater you no longer want for the fabric. This tutorial uses a fun bright blue color.

Faux Cactus

{image credit: Etsy Blog}

Why not make a faux cactus out of cardboard? Or make a plush pincushion? This tutorial has some fun trendy faux cactus craft project ideas.

Wire Knot Ring

{image credit: My White Idea DIY}

You can make a simple eternity ring out of jewelry wire. To finish it, you can coat it with a layer of clear nail varnish.

Cut Up a T-Shirt

{image credit: 2nd Funniest Thing}

For your trendsetter friend, why not make over an old t-shirt they have? This tutorial has ideas for a cutting up a t-shirt in a trendy and fun way.

Make a Journal Tutorial

{image credit: Torta Gialla}

Why not make your own journal? This bookbinding tutorial will show you how. You can customize the inside or leave it blank.

Travel Picture Frame

{image credit: The Box}

Display a favorite photo in a picture frame for an easy DIY gift. For vacation style photos, add a map or decorative paper in the background for the border. You can customize picture frames or
photos however you want. Be creative!

Mixed Media Collage Tutorial

{image credit: Art Instruction Blog}

Receivers will appreciate a DIY collage art piece you make yourself.

Sunglasses Bag

{image credit: Momtastic}

Know someone who loves to wear sunglasses? Make this stylish sunglasses bag.

Keychain Chapstick Holder

{image credit: Crazy Little Projects}

This DIY gift is both practical and fun. It can act as a keychain and hold a chapstick.

Colored Pencil Coaster


{image credit: Crafts Unleashed}

This coaster is fun and unique. It uses colored pencils in a coaster to make a unique and colorful gift.

DIY Bath Bombs

{image credit: DIY Projects for Teens}

This gift is great for women or teens. This fun bath bomb will make a fun gift. Just leave instructions to drop it in your bath.

Peanut Butter Doggie Bones

{image credit: Brown Eyed Baker}

Need a gift for a furry friend? Try making these dog bones.

Roadway Throw

{image credit: Ravelry}

If you need a fun DIY gift for a kid, this gift is perfect. They will love playing with this roadway throw and keep it for years to come.

Do you like to DIY? Let us know which tutorial you would try out for an awesome DIY gift.

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