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Make-Ahead Gluten Free Appetizers for New Year’s Day

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New Years day is a chance to celebrate new beginnings with family and friends. Weather you are having a small or  large gathering you will need some appetizers to feed your hungry guests throughout the day. Check out our list below and start the year off right with these simple and delicious make-ahead gluten free appetizers for New Year’s Day.  

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Make-Ahead Gluten Free Appetizers for New Year’s Day

These gluten free appetizers are the perfect way to ensure all guests will be able to enjoy what you are serving without worrying about their diet restrictions. Gluten allergies are pretty common these days and finding a variety of appetizers that are gluten free can seem impossible and time consuming. These make ahead appetizers will amaze all guests with how delicious they are. 

Get Inspired With These Time Saving Appetizers   

Planning what appetizers you want to have can be overwhelming at times. This list of gluten free appetizers has everything you could possibly need, from cold and warm appetizers to meat and vegetarian options. The best part? all items can be prepared ahead of time! Just bring them out on New year’s day and enjoy! 

Make-Ahead Gluten Free Appetizers for New Year's Day

We hope these delicious gluten free appetizers have given you some inspiration for your next New Years Day event! Which of these appetizers will you try? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 


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