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Fun Reindeer Themed Snacks & Treats for the Holidays

As the holiday season comes, there’s lots of opportunities to make cute themed snacks and treats. Whether it’s for an office party, a potluck, a kid’s lunch or a party with friends, reindeer food is adorable and will make everyone smile.

We’ve pulled together a selection, with recipes ranging from adding a quick touch to some store bought ingredients, through to baking and decorating cookies from scratch. Plus, there are some savoury edible reindeer snacks, in case you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by sugar.

Some are easy and preschool-friendly reindeer snacks, that won’t make you cry if they promptly smash them all up upon seeing a plate full of cute reindeer items.

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How to Make Reindeer Snacks for Kids

There is a whole selection of great snacks here. Take a peek at the various recipes and decide which ones are easy enough for your kids to make, and which ones will require you to be a Pinterest Parent who can deftly apply icing in just the right spots.


Fun Reindeer Themed Snacks & Treats for the Holidays

Savoury Reindeer Snacks

Reindeer Cookies

Reindeer Cupcakes

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