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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for my Girlfriend

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As Mother’s Day approaches, you may want to get something nice for your girlfriend, whether she is the mother of your children or your future stepchildren. If you have been together for a while, this will be less difficult, but if you haven’t been together very long or simply don’t know each other well, you may be even more stumped about what to get her for Mother’s Day. Check out these amazing ideas to get you going in the right direction.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for my Girlfriend

“I love you” Hand-Stamped Necklace

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This hand-stamped necklace that says you love her will mean a whole lot more than just a card.

Sweet N Juicy Gift Set with Soap, Lotion, and Perfume

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Help her treat herself to a spa at home with this soap, lotion, and perfume set.

Personalized “Live laugh love” Bracelet

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Life can be hard as a mother, remind her to live, laugh, and love more with this beautiful bracelet.

Black Chevron Scarf

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If you don’t want to get her something specific or personalized, this nice looking black chevron scarf might just be the way to go.

Mint and Gold “Boss lady” Coffee Mug

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Your girlfriend is a boss lady, she gets things done and is strong beyond measure!

“You are my sunshine” Bracelet

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Tell your girlfriend that she is your sunshine and she makes your life better with a bracelet that she can keep for a long time.

“Dogs, books & coffee” Shirt

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When the rest of her life, beyond work and parenting, revolves around her dogs, books, and coffee, she definitely needs this shirt! It speaks her language.

“It was always you” Journal

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You love her so much, and it has always been her that was perfect for you!

“I’m so glad we swiped right” Wine Glass

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When you both swiped right, you chose the right person. Toast to that amazing fact with this wine glass on Mother’s Day.

Lemonade Bath Bomb

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A lemonade bath bomb will help her have a luxurious night and relax after a hard week of working and being a mom.

Rose Teddy Bear

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If all else fails, flower in the form of a teddy bear will make her smile!

“Allergic to mornings” Shirt

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When your girlfriend hates mornings, she just might need a shirt that lets everyone know that she is allergic to mornings, just to give them a warning!

“Love” Bracelet

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The love you two have for each other is beyond words, which is why a bracelet with just the word “Love” makes the greatest gift.

“I can’t be trusted at Target” Coffee Mug

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Well, it’s true, she can’t be trusted at Target. She tends to buy too much or nothing she went in there for. It’s a common problem.

“She believed she could so she did” Spoon Bookmark

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Remind her how powerful she is with this spoon bookmark that tells her that she can do anything she believes she can and sets her mind to doing.

Spa Gift Set “Treat yo self”

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A luxurious night right at home is sometimes all there is time or money for, and she can save this for a day that she really needs it more than anything else.

“You’re my lobster” Hand-Stamped Keychain

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If you two are a fan of Friends, or even just her, she will love this keychain!

Heartbeat Ring

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Your hearts beat for each other!

“Waddle I do without you” Penguin Coffee Mug

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You don’t have a clue what you would do without her. She is the light in your life and the strongest woman you know.

“#momlife” Hat

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Mom life is sometimes the hardest life to live.

Your girlfriend will always appreciate the thought behind the gift, but she will love almost anything on this list. Make sure to take her likes and dislikes into account and get her the gift you think she will enjoy the most.


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