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Quick & Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Are you looking to do something special for Mother’s Day but strapped for time and creative juices? These quick & easy Mother’s Day gift ideas can be completed in no time and don’t require any special supplies or skills.

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Mother’s Day Ideas for Quick & Easy Gift Giving

Don’t just get mom something generic for Mothers’ Day this year. Instead, take the time and make her something. Thanks to these great craft kits and DIY ideas, you won’t have to spend a lot of time, money, or stress to give mom something special this year.

Make a Wind Chime Kit

Kids will love painting and assembling this cute DIY wind chime kit for mom. Since Mother’s Day falls at the start of outdoor weather, mom can enjoy this gift all summer long.

Paint A Flower Frame

These would be an excellent idea for a classroom or large group to make for Mother’s Day gifts. Add a photo of the child inside for an adorable Mother’s Day surprise!

DIY Macrame Kit

Craft kits aren’t just for young kids! Teens and adults can make mom something special for Mother’s Day too. This kit comes with everything you need to DIY a trendy macrame wall hanging.

Plaster Imprints

Don’t gift a new mom the craft kit, instead surprise her by using it to make plaster imprints of baby’s hands and feet. It’s an easy DIY project that will turn into a treasured sentimental keepsake.

Customizable Tumbler

This is a great all-ages, quick and easy Mother’s Day gift idea. Create your own design then seal it inside the plastic cup for a unique gift idea mom can actually use.

MOM String Art Sign Kit

This kit is a perfect project for tweens, teens, and even adults! It comes with everything you need to make a pretty string art sign to gift mom on Mother’s Day.

Diy Clay Jewellery Set

You don’t just paint this jewelry dish; the craft kit actually has you form it yourself out of clay. It comes with 3, perfect if you have multiple kids or want to make an extra for grandma.

DIY Bitters Kit

Adult children, this one’s for you. This kit has all the packaging ready to go so you can create your own bitters for mom. If you don’t know, bitters are botanical infusions that are commonly used to flavor food and drinks. It even comes with ingredients!

Frame Painting Kit

Moms always adore the gift of a photograph on Mother’s Day. Make it extra special by having the kids paint her a custom frame to put it in.

Stepping Stone DIY Kit

If mom loves the yard or garden, then this is a wonderfully thoughtful, yet quick and easy Mother’s Day gift idea. Kids can create the 7-inch stepping stones from scratch than paint them up for Mom to enjoy all summer long.

Make Your Own Planter Kit

Have a teen in the house who wants to make something for mom or grandma? Or maybe you need the help of a craft kit to create something for your own mom? This “grown-up” craft kit is a fun way to create something unique and special for mom on Mother’s Day without having to buy any extra supplies. Don’t forget to add a plant!

#1 Mom Keychain

Another excellent group DIY project idea. The kit makes 12 beaded keychains, perfect for an elementary school classroom project.

Mother’s Day Sign Painting Kit

It might seem weird to have mom make her own Mother’s day gift but if she’s crafty she’ll love this craft kit. It has everything she needs to make the craft for a relaxing activity. This is also great if you live far away since it ships in a gift box.

Mom and Me Journal

Sometimes the “it’s the thought that counts” really rings true. The gift isn’t the book; it’s the memories mom and daughter will make while filling out this art journal together.

Dream Catcher Craft Kit

Kids or adults can create a beautiful dream catcher with this quick and easy Mother’s Day gift idea. Choose mom’s favorite color when you order this DIY kit that contains everything you need.

Embroidery Kit

Wanting to learn a new craft and make something special for mom on Mother’s Day? Pick out a beginner embroidery kit like this one and gift mom the final creation.

Handmade Soap

If you don’t know how to make homemade soap on your own or want a quick and easy Mother’s Day gift option that doesn’t involve buying a bunch of supplies, this craft kit is for you. It makes 7 exfoliating soap bars for some Mother’s Day pampering.

Candle Holder Painting Kit

School-aged kids will be so proud to paint mom an owl candle holder for Mother’s Day. It comes with everything they need to make this cute decoration, just add a candle.

DIY Growth Chart Sign Kit

You’ll really wow mom on Mother’s Day with this quick and easy Mother’s Day gift idea, that’s for sure. Pick up a board and stain or paint it to match mom’s house, then add the vinyl stickers to finish it off. She’ll be thrilled! Perfect if kids are young to track their growth, especially if you ever plan to move or are in a rental.

Custom Necklace

If you don’t have the time or gusto to embark on a DIY project, choose a gift that’s the best of both worlds. Something custom made, like these necklaces, are a great choice if you’re looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea.

Whether you’re working with the kids to create something special or tackling your own DIY project, these quick & easy Mother’s Day gift ideas are going to make mom feel loved on her special day. Buying a gift is one thing, but making something, even if it’s from a kit, means so much more.

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