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20 Welcome Home Gifts for Wife

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When your wife has been gone from home, no matter how long, a nice welcome home gift when she returns will bring a smile to her face. It can be fun to be away from home, but it can also be challenging. She misses her usual comforts when she is away. That is just another reason to give her a nice, thoughtful gift for her homecoming.

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Epic and Fun Welcome Home Gifts for Wife

“Namast’ay in bed” Sweatshirt

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She will be exhausted, and let’s face it, sometimes the best days are the ones where you can stay in bed and watch movies all day.

“Gather, home, family, love” Burlap Placemats

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These burlap placemats with comforting words on them will bring a homey feel to the family table.

Wooden Bathtub Tray

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Help her relax more when taking a bath, with a wooden bathtub tray. She can have a little wine, bring a book or some music, and just let her mind drift away while she recharges.

“Home is with you” Hand Drawn Pillow

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Remind her that home is with her, and her home is with you, with this hand-drawn pillow.

“Love you, always” Wall Decal

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This “Love you, always” wall decal is the perfect way to say that you love her and always will, and you can even put it up on the wall before she gets home.

“I’d spend all nine lives with you” Coffee Mug

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You guys are in it for the long haul, and if you were cats, you would spend all of your nine lives with each other.

“Home is wherever I’m with you” Print

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Home for each of you is wherever you are with each other! Get a nice frame for this print and she can hang it up on the wall wherever she chooses.

“Love much, laugh often, live well” Rustic Sign

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A good reminder to love much, laugh often, and live well all the days of your lives.

Wooden Windowsill Houses

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These wooden windowsill houses are beautiful. They will make a home feel a little more homey, even when looking at the house from the outside.

“Thug wife” Travel Mug

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This may be more of a funny gift, but she always needs a travel mug to drink her coffee on the go!

Home Outline Necklace

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Home sweet home, this home outline necklace will bring her comfort even when she has to go away.

First Dance Lyrics Canvas

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Convert the song you danced for your first dance at your wedding into lyrics on a canvas. It is a beautiful piece of art that you both will cherish for a long time.

“Apartment sweet apartment” Pillow

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If you are living in an apartment for the time being, this “Apartment sweet apartment” pillow will look nice on the couch and remind you both that it is your home base.

“#momlife” Window Decal

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When momlife is the best life, she needs a #momlife window decal for her car.

“I hope your day is as nice as your butt” Print

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You hope your wife has a nice day, no matter what she has to do, and this is a fun way of telling her so.

“Hello beautiful” Coffee Mug

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Every wife needs a little boost in the morning as she sips her coffee!

“If you’re Amazon, pizza, or Joanna Gaines, we’re home” Welcome Mat

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She loves Amazon, pizza, and Fixer Upper, which means this welcome mat will be right at home in front of your front door.

Cupid Arrow Heart Picture Frame

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This cupid arrow heart picture frame, with a picture of you two in it, will brighten up her day when she comes home and opens it.

“Slay at home mom” Shirt

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She’s a stay at home mom, and she slays it all!

“Wife, mom, boss” Notebook

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She’s the wife, the mom, and the boss. Help her stay more organized at home with this trusty and fun notebook.

Your wife’s homecoming after being away for business, pleasure, or something not as pleasant, can be a sweet time for the two of you. A meaningful gift will only add to that sweetness!


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