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Mother’s Day Gifts From Preschoolers

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Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for children to show Mom how grateful they are to have her in their lives. Even the little ones like to be involved in the festivities. If you have a preschooler on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year, you definitely want to check out this list of Mother’s Day Gifts From Preschoolers.

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Fun Loving Mother’s Day Gifts From Preschoolers


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This gift is a little bit different than what Mom may typically receive on Mother’s Day. This T-Shirt is actually for the child to wear so to easily show the world how much he/she loves Mom.

Coffee Mug

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Warm Mommy’s heart as she warms her taste buds with a hot cup of coffee each morning.

“All About My Mom” Questionnaire

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The little ones can have some fun coloring and completing this cute little questionnaire keepsake just for Mom.

Child Art Cutting Board

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For the Moms who just love being in the kitchen, they are sure to love this unique Cutting Board featuring their preschooler’s very own artwork.

Custom Spoon

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Gift Mom a very special spoon that will remind her of how loved she is every time she goes to take a scoop.

Interview Card

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Preschoolers can decorate this interview card, and with some assistance, fill it out as a cute little gift for Mom.

Coupon Book

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Coupon books are a huge hit on Mother’s Day. There are coupons in here that Mom will definitely not want to go to waste.

Handprint Picture

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Children grow so fast, and parents love having sweet mementos of their precious tiny humans to reflect on. This Personalized Handprint Picture will help Mom to do just that.

Handprint Tree

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Preschoolers will enjoy making this sweet Handprint Tree for Mom, and Mom will enjoy showcasing it on the walls of her home.

Picture Frame

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Preschoolers can add their favorite picture of themselves with Mom in this Personalized Laser Engraved Wood Picture Frame for the perfect gift.


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Llama-lovin’ Mommas will greatly appreciate this adorable Llama Mama Keychain.

Wood Sign

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This Custom Wooden “Mama” Sign is a super cute gift idea that Mom will totally fall in love with.

Greeting Card

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There is a Greeting Card for every occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Preschoolers can hand deliver this sweet card to their Mom after adding their own unique touch.

Footprint Flower Art

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Mom is sure to be filled with joy once she lays her eyes on this beautiful Footprint Flower Art.

Kids Drawing Coozie

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Preschoolers will be so proud to gift Mom this Keepsake Coozie with their very own drawing printed on the front.

Giraffe Art Print

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Give Mom’s home decor an upgrade with this cute Giraffe Art Print.

Soundwave Art

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Leave a sweet message for Mom that she can both see and hear. This is a piece of art that will never go out of style.

Drawing Pillow Cover

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Mom certainly wouldn’t mind showing off this cute little Pillow Cover in her home.

“I Love You” Jar

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Preschoolers can fill up this “I Love You” Jar with all of the sweet reasons why they love Mom to create one beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

Wooden Bear Figurine

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This cute little Wooden Bear Figurine is a fun and unique way for preschoolers to tell Mom “I love you.”

Mom will probably not be expecting much more than a cute little-handcrafted gift from her preschooler, but this year the kiddos can give her a little something extra. She is sure to be filled with joy receiving one of these lovely heartfelt gifts.


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