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20 Gift Ideas for Salon Clients

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Showing your salon clients a little extra love should be high on your priority list! They could choose any stylist in town, but they’ve chosen you! Small gestures can mean a lot to your customers, so consider some gifts like these!

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Gift Ideas for Salon Clients

Nail Polish

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Purchase a bulk set of nail colors, place a festive tag at the top, and gift to your clients accordingly!

Lip Balm

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Lip balm is something everyone uses. Buy a bulk set, put into small gift bags or attach a sticker on the bottom to write your thanks, and hand them out to clients on their next visit!

Champagne (or sparkling juice)

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Upon your client’s arrival, offer them a glass or two of a sparkling beverage!

Custom Mirrors

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If you’d rather make a more personal gift, customized makeup mirrors are great for client’s makeup bag or purse!

Handmade Soaps

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Put a festive label on a bar of handmade soap (make sure to get some all-natural unscented bars for allergy sufferers) and hand them out after your clients’ next visit!

Small Bundle of Incense

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Regardless of how you use it, some people use incense for meditation or yoga, incense is an easy to share gift! Grab a few sticks and tie with a pretty tag & ribbon!

Homemade Cookie or Brownie Mixes

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Hand-packed mixes are simple gifts for your clients! Cookies, brownies, dips, or cocoa mixes are all possible options.

Discount Card for a Future Service

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People LOVE discounts! Lure them back in with a discount on a future service!


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A magnet with your logo, address, and other contact information is always a great way to stay at the front of your customer’s minds! Plus, magnets are used in the home & office!

Customized Mason Jars

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Mason jars are all the rage right now. Some people use them as cups for drinking, food storage, or even in their office to hold pens & knick-knacks. Pop your logo on one and hand them out to your clients!

Phone Stands

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Being able to prop up your phone or tablet nearby sometimes can be super helpful! Pop your logo on a stand like this and let your customers take one!

Plant Sets

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For more eco-friendly and memorable gift, give your clients one of these air plant sets.

Tote Bags with the Salon Logo

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There are so many uses for these canvas tote bags! Groceries, school, or for storage – these bags can be used just about anywhere.

Salon Post-It Notes

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These are great for quick reminders or leaving a quick note. Add your logo for a quick salon reminder!

Water Bottles

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People go through water bottles quickly, so these are always helpful! Slap a sticker with your name & salon logo on one and hand them out on your client’s next visit!

Custom Coasters

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Order up a set with your information printed on them, tie with a festive ribbon, and send your client home with a new set of coasters!

Custom Makeup Bag

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These canvas makeup bags are great offerings for your clients! Put a discount card inside as an added surprise!

Organic Bath Bombs

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Tie a ribbon and a gift tags around one of these, then send one home with your client!

Key Fobs

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Rather than the traditional keychain, these key fobs with handles are more practical. These make a great addition to a client’s gifts.

Showing your clients how much you appreciate them is an opportunity to win a customer’s loyalty. A personal thank you gift for your clients can go a long way for you and your business!

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