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Creative Cash Gift ChocolateTreasure

[Photo CC Attribution Theodore Scott] As always, I am writing about the best wedding gift ever – cash.  If you want more ideas, or to see some justification and tips for giving cash as a gift, please visit the Cash Gift Ideas page. Today’s idea is a gift of gold coins and treasure!  Yay gold …

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Gift Lists

[Photo] Do you ever have super-duper gift ideas for people, but then when their birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah,  anniversary rolls around, you’re at a complete loss?  Even for yourself?  I used to have a hang of a time answering my mother’s question, “what would you like?”  Then, I discovered the beauty and versatility of Google Docs, …

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Get Trashed

Have you ever had a fingerprint free stainless steel trash can?  Me either.  They’re pretty pricey.  That’s why you may see one on a wedding gift registry.  More common is a regular trash can, or one for the bathroom.  Have you ever purchased a new garbage can and then had trouble figuring out which exact …

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This is such an easy and fun way to wrap up a gift of cash! I know that teenagers love cash, but it feels so boring to just give an envelope. Play-doh spices it up so much more!

This is a super fun and cute way to give some play dough!  Aka, a creative and fun way to give a cash gift.  It is especially good if you would like the recipients to use it for an activity, to buy sporting gear or for a honeymoon activity. It’s a super-simple concept… you buy …

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Engagement Gift Ideas for Men and Women

It is still a way off, but we are coming up on “engagement season,” so I wanted to pull together some ideas for engagement gifts.  A quick search through an etiquette book or on the internet will tell you that engagement party etiquette does not require you to bring a gift.  That said, you may …

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