Get Trashed
Get Trashed

Get Trashed

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Get Trashed

Have you ever had a fingerprint free stainless steel trash can?Β  Me either.Β  They’re pretty pricey.Β  That’s why you may see one on a wedding gift registry.Β  More common is a regular trash can, or one for the bathroom.Β  Have you ever purchased a new garbage can and then had trouble figuring out which exact garbage bag fits?Β  You could be the super-star gift giver if you go out and buy some premium, properly fitting bin bags.

That said, garbage bags aren’t exactly going to earn you the title of “awesomest gift giver ever.” Nope.Β  To make it memorable, you have to decide if it’s appropriate for your relationship with your friend.Β  A trash can lets you play on some themes, like “keep it clean,” or “get trashed.”

Trash Can #1

Purchase the can, then the garbage bags.Β  Now, pick out some alcohol.Β  It could be a can full of microbrews, a bottle of champagne, some wine, a little Grey Goose, a few Colt 45s, whatever you feel is suitable for the couple. Β If you have a specific, good memory together that includes a drink, choose that and mention it in your card. Β Maybe that time at the cottage drinking the obscure South African beer? Β Your graduation trip to Cuba with all the mojitos? Β Include a card which says, “think of us whenever you get trashed.” Or something along those lines.

Trash Can #2

This one is more suitable for a wedding shower or bachelorette.Β  Especially if it is a lingerie shower.Β  Purchase the trash can and the garbage bags, then add in some lingerie, toys, a book, anything that is recipient and guest-list acceptable.Β  Put it all together and add a message that says you want the couple to keep things clean in public, or something along those lines.


What other sassy sayings can you think of to go along with a boring old bin, to make it a unique and creative wedding gift idea??

4 thoughts on “Get Trashed”

  1. Thats funny because I've been wanting to buy a stainless steel trashcan for a while. We still have the $15 one I bought at Walmart a few years ago when I was single!

    1. Nice – as long as it's still working.  I want a new one as well, because it's gross-beyond-cleanable and the pedal's broken so you have to lift the lid with your hand.  *sigh* maybe one day we'll splurge for new ones!

  2. I love this idea. I recently bought a SimpleHuman brand trashcan with an insert for trash and another one for recycling. I have been kicking against the idea for a long time because spending $100+ on a trashcan seemed silly to me. But I can't say how much it has changed my life. I know that sounds really stupid but having a place to put trash and recyclables that looks good, stays clean, and holds up (the lid lifts easily and doesnt' slam back closed) is really really nice.

    I think a nice high quality trash can / recycle can is a great idea for a gift. The addtion of the alcohol and the funny play on words just makes it more fun and creative. Theme drinks would be fun too – a bottle of tequila, some limes, some salt, some sugar for a Margarita theme, or champagne and orange juice for bellinis .. the options are endless.
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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I want one of those electronic, no-touch ones! I have a medium quality one, but honestly it seems extremely poor quality. When we were registering for our wedding, there was a $200 no-fingerprint stainless one that we thought was neat, but there was absolutely no way we were paying that much for a garbage can!
      I'm glad to hear that your fancy new one is amazing.

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