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Gift Ideas for a Medical Office Assistant | Hospital employee thank you gifts | Christmas presents for medical staff | Birthday presents for an MOA | Appreciation gift ideas for medical office assistants | Booking clerk gifts

Medical office assistants keep the behind-the-scenes work running smoothly in a doctor’s office, and maintain the front office part of the facility going too. They work hard and sometimes don’t get the recognition for all that challenging work. So, if you know someone in this career and want to show them your appreciation, or simply …

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Gift Ideas for someone with a broken arm | Get well soon gifts | What to get someone who broke their arm | Ways to cheer up someone with a broken bone | Thinking of you presents | Gifts for someone in the hospital | What to buy someone in the hospital | Limited mobility gifts

When someone we know breaks their arm, what they can do is limited to their other arm and that takes a lot of activities off the table. Think about giving them a gift for something they can do one-handed or just a gift to say you’re thinking of them during this time. Gift ideas for …

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Having a child in the hospital can be terrifying for both the child and caregivers. One way to make a child’s hospital stay easier is to provide toys and entertainment suitable for a hospital setting. Here is a list of gift ideas for a kid in the hospital. Some of my son’s favorite gifts when …

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Gifts for Teens in the Hospital | Gift Ideas for Teens | Ways to Cheer Kids Up | Cancer Patients | Sick Kids | Ill Teenagers

Being in the hospital is hard enough as an adult, but as a teenager? It must be awful. Make it easier with gift ideas for a teenager in the hospital. Our resident expert, Melissa, spent more than her fair share of time in hospitals as a teenager and shared with us her list of Must …

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Pack or bring these must-haves for overnight hospital stays to make your life way, way better!

Today I’m stoked to introduce you to a relative of mine, Melissa.  She’s spent well more than her fair share of time in the hospital, despite only being in her twenties.  She wrote this epic guide to must-haves for overnight hospital stays for her friends and family on Facebook and graciously obliged when I asked if …

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