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40 Gift Ideas for a Kid in the Hospital

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Having a child in the hospital can be terrifying for both the child and caregivers. One way to make a child’s hospital stay easier is to provide toys and entertainment suitable for a hospital setting. Here is a list of gift ideas for a kid in the hospital. Some of my son’s favorite gifts when he was in the hospital are listed below.

And if you have a teenager in the hospital? We have you covered too.

Gift Ideas for a Kid in the Hospital

So you don’t show up empty-handed. The best gifts for kids in a hospital are gifts that allow them to be a kid. Bring one of these with you on your next visit and you will be a kid’s new favorite person.

Light up Bubble Blower

Who doesn’t love bubbles? This bubble blower doesn’t even require the use of lungs! With the push of a button, the child’s room will fill with bubbles.

If someone needs some comfort, this is great for gift ideas for a kid in the hospital.

Penguin Pillow Pet

This penguin pillow pet is soft and squishy. Not only does it provide comfort from the drab hospital pillow, it provides emotional comfort that only a stuffed animal can.

Just cause you're in the hospital doesn't mean you don't like snacks. This is great for gift ideas for a kid in the hospital.

Snack Basket:

Living off of cafeteria food and vending machine snacks can strain a budget and waist-line. This snack basket is great for the kid in the hospital and caregiver staying with them.

Tarantula Nebula, Galaxy, Outer Space, Fleece Blanket

Hospitals are cold, but they don’t have to be with this Tarantula, Nebula Galaxy fleece blanket. My son loves the blankets he received when in-patient and still uses some years later.

Changing Color Salt Lamp Sphere

Changing Color Salt Lamp Sphere

These salt lamps are all the rage right now. Give one and give the gift of “Cool!” as they watch this color changing salt lamp light up their room.

Under the Sea Notecard Set

Under the Sea Notecard Set

Kids will enjoy writing notes to their friends outside the hospital with these whimsical greeting cards.

This is great for gift ideas for a kid in the hospital who have a parent around.

Uno Card Game

Uno is a great game to play in a hospital bed. The best thing is it doesn’t require more than two people to play. PS- If you are looking for something to get someone’s caregiver, try this list on for size.

Matchbox A to Z Vehicle Collection

Small cars are another great gift that doesn’t require multiple people to play. This matchbox set includes a variety of vehicles for a whole lot of imaginative play.

Gift ideas for a kid in the hospital who are artists.

Create ‘n Carry Portable Art Kit

For those creative children who spend a lot of time in the hospital, this portable art kit will be a big hit. They can pack it up and take it anywhere.

No mess with these gift ideas for a kid in the hospital.

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring

These markers only color on the specially designed paper. Nurses and their assistants will thank you for providing a mess free option to coloring.

Gift ideas for a kid in the hospital that keep you warm.

Wrapables Peek A Boo Animal Non-Skid Toddler Socks

Reduce the risk of falls and wrap a toddler’s feet in these adorable non-skid socks. The animal designs will be adored by all.

Lip Balm for Kids

Chapped lips are no fun, and hospitals are notorious for drying out lips. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this kid-friendly lip balm while saving their lips.

Gift ideas for a kid in the hospital that keep them busy.

I Spy Bag

Occupy the mind and hands with these I Spy Bags. Each bag is filled with many tiny things for little ones to seek out.

If your kid is inquisitive, this makes great gift ideas for a kid in the hospital.

Sigikid Erwin the Little Patient

Erwin the Little Patient is a great way for doctors to help explain an illness to a child. Children will enjoy having a little patient of their own and even get to learn a little about the human body.

Personalized Drinking Cup

Personalized Drinking Cup

You can do away with the boring hospital cups when you provide a child with a personalized drinking cup. Pick a design, pick a name and you are ready to go!

Gift ideas for a kid in the hospital to help them relax.

Coloring Greeting Cards Postcards

Most hospitals will send and receive mail on behalf of the patient. These coloring greeting cards will allow your child to personalize each card and occupy their time coloring them.

A fun nightlight is great for gift ideas for a kid in the hospital.

Color Changing Rotating Galaxy Night Light

Kids will be mesmerized at this rotating galaxy night light. A child who receives this gift is sure to be the talk of the hospital.

Gift ideas for a kid in the hospital who need to work on their motor skills.

CanDo TheraPutty (Standard Exercise Putty)

Keep those little fingers strong with this exercise putty. The occupational therapists will be impressed and the child won’t even know it’s work.

Gift ideas for a kid in the hospital cause it's always time for a hug.

Time for a Hug Book & Blankie Gift Set

My son was always a fan of gifts that he could take home after the hospital stay. Book gift sets like Time for a Hug will entertain children while inpatient and give them a keepsake of their time spent in the hospital.

Minions Body Wash Gift Set

Hospitals don’t always smell great, but your child can with this Minions scented body wash gift set.

PLAYMOBIL Children’s Hospital Room

Play is important to kids, even if they’re in the hospital or sick. It can even be somewhat therapeutic for them to be able to recreate their own experiences with the help of toys like this hospital playset.

Hospital-Friendly Pajamas

If you’ve ever worn a hospital gown then you know they’re not very comfortable. Check in with the parents about what kind of pjs would work best and then give some as practical gift ideas for a kid in the hospital.

kids craft kit

Craft Kits

Crafts are a super fun way to pass the time in any situation. If the kid in the hospital you’re shopping for can sit up and move around, then look for something that’s not too messy and contains everything you need in the kit.

Get Well Soon Teddy

This gift set is so cute! The work is done for you when it comes to picking gift ideas for a kid in the hospital, but your gift recipient will love it too. A little bit of comfort during some difficult times is nice.

kids doctor kit

Doctor’s Kit

Young kids especially will love the role reversal with this gift idea. Let them play doctor on their favourite stuffed toy, or even their real care team!

Magnetic Doodle Pad

These are fantastic gift ideas for a kid in the hospital because they create no mess and never run out. This one is big enough to make some cool creations, but can still be used from bed easily.

Book Boxed Set

If you’re shopping for gift ideas for a big kid in the hospital, you might want to find out their favourite book series. Then pick up a boxed set for them to read while they’re in the hospital. It’s a great way to pass the time, and it means less learning lost if they’re missing school.

kids tablet

Kids Tablet

These tablets are great for kids because they are not only full of fun games and activities, they also have access to the Kindle store for eBooks. Parental controls mean that caregivers can keep everything age appropriate, too. It’s nice for kids who are stuck in the hospital to have fun ways to pass the time.

Paint by Sticker

Paint by Sticker

Artistic kids will probably hate being cooped up in the hospital and away from anything creative. Paints are too messy, but these paint by sticker books are the perfect solution.

I can handle it book

I Can Handle it Book

When times are stressful it’s good for anyone, even kids, to practice mindfulness. This book encourages positivity even in younger children to help them cope with being in the hospital.

Dinosaur kids bath robe

Bath Robe

Perfect for cuddling up in the cold hospital or for wearing on trips to the bathroom. Bath robes in hospitals are a must!

kids puzzle book

Puzzle Book

Kids get bored sitting in a hospital room all day. Puzzle books like this one are a fun way to challenge their mind and pass the time while they recover.

Wikki sticks

Wiki Sticks

Wiki Sticks are similar to modelling clay, but they’re actually made from food grade wax. That means not only are they safe, they also don’t leave any mess. This set comes with a handy case too!

Light Up Terrarium

Light Up Terrarium

This terrarium acts as a nightlight, which is perfect for a kid in the hospital who doesn’t like the dark. The light helps the plants grow, and with each day they can watch them get taller! Great for long-term hospital stays.

reusable stickers

Reusable Sticker Pads

If you’re looking for activity gift ideas for a kid in the hospital, try and choose ones that are reusable. Especially if they’re going to be dealing with a long hospital stay.

my first surgery book

My First Surgery Book

They make kids books like this one about almost every hospital experience. Picture books are a great way for preschoolers and young kids to get a better understanding of what’s happening to them and to not be so scared.

kids grippy socks

Grippy Socks

These anti-skid socks are actually made for trampoline parks, but they work great for the hospital too. Hospital floors are slippery so having some grip on there helps trips and falls while walking the halls.

hospital hero doll for kids

Hospital Doll

It’s nice to have a friend going through the same thing, even if it’s only a doll. This one is wearing her very own hospital gown, has brought her teddy, and is a superhero – just like the kid in the hospital you’re shopping for.

busy board

Busy Board 

Pretty much anything made for travel is great for kids in the hospital too. This busy bag is full of activities and is an awesome gift idea when you don’t know what to buy

ipod touch

iPod Touch

This is one of the best gift ideas for an older kid in the hospital. They can play games, listen to music, take pictures, and even message friends when it’s connected to wifi.

While the old gift you might want to give a kid in the hospital is to make them feel better, at the very least these gift ideas can help brighten their day.

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