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Must-Haves for Overnight Hospital Stays

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Today I’m stoked to introduce you to a relative of mine, Melissa.  She’s spent well more than her fair share of time in the hospital, despite only being in her twenties.  She wrote this epic guide to must-haves for overnight hospital stays for her friends and family on Facebook and graciously obliged when I asked if she would be willing to share it with you.

Pack or bring these must-haves for overnight hospital stays to make your life way, way better!

Guys & Gals, if any of you are Professional Patient or a Beginner Level Patient and you’re in the hospital for more than one night, we have a must-have list.

Goodies So Good The Other Patients Will Be Jealous

Nobody likes the hospital so you might as well come prepared. 

Memory Foam

= much better sleep than everyone else.

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so you don’t have to listen to the old lady next door cough her lungs out.

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so you don’t make your nurse feel nauseous and have to go thru a million of the same questions with a new nurse

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Hair Brush

unless you’re bald. It’s probably one of the more helpful times to be bald, other than a 30 degree summer day.

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but make sure yours has a DVD drive because apparently that’s a feature of 2012 not 2015 and it’s kind of useless without one; unless the hospital doesn’t have wifi that costs $10/day (like this one does…..)

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Phone & Phone Charger


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Deck of Cards

you will get the itch to play just about anything and I promise you “Eye Spy” gets boring quick….

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Comfy Clothes

A change of the comfiest, loosest clothes ever. You really only have to stay in-gown if you’re not stable and/or for the first/day night.

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otherwise you’re going to be wearing Cinderella scrub type ones and they’re just nothing but wannabes… And boots/running shoes require way to much effort every time you have to get up; and the floors in these rooms are not cleaned daily so… Slippers.

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Other key tips for overnight hospital stays:

  • Also make sure you request to speak with the diet person from the kitchen because unless you do, you’re going to be getting all sorts of nasty eats. You have options!!!!!!! Request to meet with them and cross out those nasties and you’ll end up with yummies like pudding and vanilla yogurt :-)
  • An entire list of friends/family who you would love to come visit you; but also a list of who you rather not come, to keep down the anxiety. Also, this list has a few products to help you feel like your more at home even though it’s labeled as gifts for people who travel
  • The one person who you couldn’t care less to see you at your absolute worse, who’ll laugh at your ridiculous stoned comments and lame jokes. Who’ll hold your hand when you’re in the slightest or greatest of pains. Who’ll get you set up with wifi, bring you any materials you forget at home and who will willingly waste their day staring at things in the room you’re in, just to be there by your side. This is perhaps the most important thing. Otherwise you’ll end up noticing the paint chips in the wall, that the clock is crooked and Tuesday was spelt “teusday” by the nurse and may instigate a slight concern about the care you’re receiving – which of course happened to me anyways cus unless you’re the sick one, sitting in the hospital does get to be a bit much after 18hours, so a break is well deserved. If someone you love is in the hospital, think about what you’re going to get them when they get out
  • Bring with you A LOT of PATIENCE, because you’re by far not the only patient. Took them 8hrs to discover my appendix was rupturing and toxins were starting to release; but the guy next to me had just had a heart attack – it’s sometimes impossible to prioritize when we’re all equally important!

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know if I think of more.

Mel the Professional Patient, over and out.

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