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Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital

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Being in the hospital is hard enough as an adult, but as a teenager? It must be awful. Make it easier with gift ideas for a teenager in the hospital. Our resident expert, Melissa, spent more than her fair share of time in hospitals as a teenager and shared with us her list of Must Haves for Overnight Hospital Stays

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While someone is in the hospital, gifts that keep them busy and allow them to pass the time more easily and enjoyable are the best. If you’ve ever been in the hospital, you understand how boring and difficult it is to be there! So try out some of these ideas!

Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital

Staying busy with things that are entertaining and keeping encouraging decorations up around the hospital room would make a huge difference! Here are some gift ideas for a teenager in the hospital, when you know of a young person who might need some cheering up:

Harry Potter playing cards - great Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital

Harry Potter Playing Cards

These Harry Potter playing cards can help keep your friend busy and entertained as they spend hours in the hospital. After all, there’s only so much TV you can handle with the limited channels provided!

“You Got This” Art Print

This art print to hang on their wall, saying “You Got This” can help remind them that they’re not alone and encourage them to stay strong.

Lovely practical gift for a teen Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital - grey fuzzy tall slippers.

Bootie Slippers

Bootie slippers gives them something else to wear around the hospital, other than the hospital slipper socks that are usually too big. Plus they are much more stylish!

Cool bathrobes make hospital stays easier Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital - batman themed bathrobe.

Batman Bathrobe

What’s cooler than a Batman bathrobe to wear over your hospital gown? They can be stylish and covered at the same time! Plus they might need to be reminded that they have superpowers.

A body pillow makes a great gift - Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital

Body Pillow

A body pillow could help them get more comfortable in their hospital bed, or give them something to cuddle.

Something fun for teens to do during their hospital stay - Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital - crossword puzzle word search book.

Extreme Word Search Puzzle Books

Word search puzzle books will keep their mind fresh and busy to help them pass the time.

Marble Notebook

If your friend loves to write or you would love to encourage them to write, give them this marble notebook to write in! They can journal, write a story, doodle, or anything they want!

Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital - Sudoku book

Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzles are another great gift to help them keep their mind busy, and it’s challenging as well so it will help time pass by quicker!

Cute socks, perfect Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital. three pairs shown, rose socks, white socks, and pink socks.

Fuzzy Slipper Socks

Fuzzy slipper socks are another cute alternative to the hospital slipper socks. They are cozy and comfy to wear in the bed as well as non-slip for walking around the halls.

For long hospital stays buy teens this photo frame! Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital Black digital photo frame.

Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame with a slideshow of fun and encouraging pictures can be the perfect thing for them to place on the nightstand in their hospital room and keep them in higher spirit!

Custom Quote Journal

You can get this customizable journal and pick your own quote to put on the front. Does your friend have a favorite quote, author, or TV show? That would be perfect to put on the front and bring a smile to their face!

Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital: Large white teddy bear.

Large Stuffed Bear

If a body pillow isn’t realistic, then this large stuffed bear could be something to cheer them up as well as something for them to cuddle with!

Adorable animal socks for teens, all animal prints. - Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital

Cartoon Animal Socks

Cartoon animal socks are adorable to wear and keep their feet warm at the same time!

Winnie the Pooh Quote Wall Art

An inspirational quote to hang up on their wall to keep their spirits up and remind them that they are still strong, even when they are struggling, is always a wonderful idea!

maze runner box set of books

Maze Runner Box Set

For the readers who have to stay in the hospital, the book set with all five books will keep them busy! Even if they’ve read them before, they can read and enjoy them again! 

Gift Ideas for a Teenager in the Hospital - Sherpa blanket that's teal blue and white on the other side.

Sherpa Lined Blanket

A nice cozy, sherpa-lined blanket will be the perfect addition to their hospital bed to keep them warm and comfortable!

Artificial [ink roses flowers for a teenager

Artificial Flowers with Vase

These artificial flowers in a vase would be a nice addition to their nightstand, and something pretty to look at when their spirits get down!

Pink Heart Wall Print

A heart reminds your friend that they are loved and not alone, even when you aren’t there with them.

black iPad keyboard

iPad Keyboard

If your friend has an iPad, a keyboard for them to type faster and do more online might be the perfect gift while they are in the hospital to keep them busy and entertained.

Lace Crowns

These lace crowns will make your friend feel like a princess!

Tickle me plant gift set. green plant in black pot.

Tickle Me Plant Gift Set

This cute get well plant is fantastic for teens! When you tickle the plant or blow it a kiss the leaves will close up. It’s the neatest gift idea ever!

Gift basket with fuzzy socks, coloring book, candy, pencils, and more.

Gift Basket

This gift basket is intended for teens! It has everything from fuzzy socks to a bracelet making kit. It’s hard not to smile when you have such a great gift!

Green fidget cube.

Fidget Cube

When a teen is stuck in a hospital bed it can get pretty boring. Having a fidget cube is a great way for them to pass the time and they’ll enjoy playing with it too.

Black t-shirt with white print that says Straight outta surgery.

Straight Outta Surgery T-Shirt

This t-shirt is great for the teen that has a pretty fun sense of humor. Finding humor in otherwise difficult things can be hard to do and this t-shirt helps!

Three coloring books shown with set of pencil crayons.

Coloring Books

This set comes with 3 adult coloring books. Coloring is pretty relaxing and these books will help make the most darling artwork. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a teenager in the hospital, here’s something to 

Large snack sampler set with 40 differnt types of snacks.

Snack Sampler

Hospital food isn’t always the best, so it’s a welcomed change when you can munch on some snacks. This set comes with 40 different treats.

Red book called laughter the best medicine.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Book

Give your favorite teen some good laughs with this creative and funny book. It has jokes, stories, and cartoons to make you crack a smile.

Silver bracelet that says You got this.

Inspirational Bracelet

The bracelet has the words “You got this” on it and it’s a reminder that they are a fighter and can manage whatever comes at them.

white and tan silver echo dot

Echo Dot

Listening to music can be pretty therapeutic. Not only can you listen to music, but you can check the weather and find answers to any questions you have.

blank canvas with markers, and templates.

Canvas Bags

It’s time to get creative with these canvas bags. Each set comes with markers and stencils to create whatever you like.

Purple camera with frames, markers and more.


What I love about this camera is you can take a photo and instantly print it out. Perfect for decorating your hospital room with photos of loved ones when they visit.

3D nightlight that looks like a dinosaur.

3D Nightlight

If the teen you know is a dinosaur fanatic, this nightlight is going to be perfect for them. It’s a fun way to add some subtle light to the hospital room.

Book called difficult riddles for smart kids.

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Using your brain is important even when you are stuck in the hospital. This book is a fun way to give your mind a workout.

Kanoodle puzzle game.


This education and challenging game will keep your teen super busy attempting to solve the puzzles.

nintendo switch game console for a teen in the hospital

Nintendo Switch Console

The Nintendo Switch is portable and loads of fun. It will keep a teen entertained for a while during those boring days at the hospital.

twelve different hair scrunchies all different colors.

Hair Scrunchies

This set of hair scrunchies has 60 pieces! Perfect for getting the hair out of your face while looking stylish.

Large journaling set with books, paper, stickers, and more.

Journaling Set

Journaling is wonderful to deal with your emotions and be creative at the same time. This set comes with everything needed to get started.

Large circle burrito blanket.

Burrito Blanket

This hilarious blanket is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face when they see it. It’s flannel and super comfy.

Mini scratch off notes.

Mini Scratch Off Notes

Any teen will love scratching notes on these mini notepads. They are so much fun and they can create all sorts of sayings on them.

Pink karaoke microphone.

Karaoke Microphone

You don’t need an entire karaoke machine when you have this easy to use microphone. Sing all your favorite songs!

Being stuck in the hospital is no fun no matter how old you are. These gift ideas for teens in the hospital are a great way to help cheer them up when they are down.

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