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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students (from a teacher)

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Love is in the air, and you want to make sure your students feel the love as well. They don’t have to feel left out this Valentine’s Day. Check out this list of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students (from a teacher). For more gift ideas for students by grade check out our other Valentine’s Day classroom gift ideas.

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Scratch and sniff stickers

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Children will love sharing these scratch and sniff stickers with their peers.

Scratch-off Valentine’s Jokes cards

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We all could use a good laugh every once in a while. These jokes are sure to make children giggle.

Tic Tac Toe Game Cards

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Tic Tac Toe is a classic game that just never gets old. Make Valentine’s Day extra fun with these Tic Tac Toe Game Cards.

NBA Valentine Cards

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Children will get to see some of their favorite players on the front of these NBA Valentine Cards.

Cootie Catcher Cards

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Kids will have so much fun playing with these Cootie Catcher Cards, and seeing their Valentine fortune as many times as they want.

Scratch and Sniff Pencil Toppers

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These Scratch and Sniff Pencil Toppers are a simple, yet really fun, Valentine’s Day gift for the entire class.

Temporary Tattoos

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Children will feel super cool this Valentine’s Day with these awesome Temporary Tattoos.

Valentine’s Day Rubber Bracelets

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These Rubber Bracelets are a really cute way to celebrate the love on Valentine’s Day.


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Bubbles just have a way of lightening the mood. Let students lighten up a bit with some Valentine’s Day Bubbles.

Slap bracelets

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These Slap Bracelets make for a really fun Valentine’s Day Gift Idea.

Mini Heart Beach Balls

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Surprise students with a bit of Summer-styled fun with these Mini Heart Beach Balls.

Mini Valentine Rubber Duckies

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Younger students will be super excited to receive these Mini Valentine Rubber Duckies.

Heart Sunglasses

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Students will feel like the coolest kids in school wearing these cute Heart Sunglasses.

Valentine’s Day Pencil

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Valentine’s Day Pencils are an easy and affordable gift for students on this special day.

Smiley Face Erasers

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These Smiley Face Erasers are a simple way to brighten your students’ day.


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These Valentine’s Day bookmarks are a very nifty gift you can share with all of your students.

Stress Relief Balls

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Stress relief tools always make great gifts for students. They can definitely get good use out of these Valentine’s Stress Relief Balls.

Heart Maze Puzzles

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These Heart Maze Puzzles are a popular Valentine’s Day party favor.

Valentine’s Day Yoyo

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These yoyos make for a really fun, and cost effective, Valentine’s Day gift,

Valentine Owl Rings

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Students will enjoy wearing these unique Valentine’s Day Rings from their teacher.

Students will definitely feel loved and appreciated with one of these sweet gifts. This will be sure to put the “Happy” in front of “Valentine’s Day.” For more gift ideas for your students by grade check out our other classroom Valentine’s Day posts.

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