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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gift Ideas to Inspire

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gift Ideas to Inspire

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been inspiring women and girls everywhere to pop on a fancy collar and dissent! With the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up, there’s never been a better time for women to dissent. Here’s a list of amazing gifts for the RBG fan!

Awesome Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gift Ideas To Inspire

Take a look at these inspiring presents!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sequin Flip Pillow

Mermaid flip pillows are all the rage these days and what better to reveal on your classy gold pillow than the face of Ruth herself!


Fight For The Things You Care About Notebook


For a more inexpensive gift, write down all the things you care about in this classy blank lined dissent collar journal.


Notorious RBG T-Shirt

This sassy shirt shows the Notorious RBG queen in all her glory. Perfect for when you’re trying your next case in the supreme court.


The RBG Workout

Want to know how Ruth Bader Ginsburg stays so fit? Her trainer wrote a book about it, and now you can work out just like Ruth!


Dissent Mug

When you want to tell your coworkers how you really feel. This mug can sit on your desk so RBG can tell them for you.


Dissent Collar Pin

Your own subtle dissent collar with 50% of the profits going to organizations defending democracy.


Good Luck Ruth Socks

Warm those toesies with that cozy dissent.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Judgmints

A great stocking stuffer and easy to slip in your pocket or keep in your chambers. So you can always taste judgmint.


RBG Bobblehead

No bobblehead collection is complete without a Ruth Bader Ginsburg bobble. Put it on your dashboard to Ruth can remind you that she approves of your life choices.


Long-Sleeve Dissent Collar Shirt

Become Ruth Bader Ginsburg with this I Dissent shirt with the signature crochet dissent collar. Makes an easy RBG Halloween costume.


I Dissent Stainless Steel Necklace

For the classy RBG fan. This beautiful necklace can be your own dissent collar.


My Own Words

The perfect gift for the Ruth Bader Ginsburg fan might just be the book written by RBG. This collection of writing and speeches shows the wisdom, wit, and charisma of our favorite supreme court justice.

All of these fabulous Ruth Bader Ginsburg gift ideas are awesome! Which one is your favorite?

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