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20 Welcomed Gifts to Thank Your Hockey Coach

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It’s been another great year of hockey and even if your kids didn’t win as many games as you had hoped, you still owe the coach a big Thank You.

Day in and day out, they show up. From weekend tournaments and evening practices to wiping away tears and giving the umpteenth pep talk, your hockey coach has once again gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Here’s a list of gifts chosen with your favourite hockey coach in mind:

The latest Wayne Gretzky Memoir

Maybe coach needs a hint that it’s time to put his or her feet up and relax. Snag this newly released Wayne Gretzky book, written by The Great One himself.

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Hockey Slippers

Another way to let your coach know hockey season is over is to buy her a pair of brand new slippers to keep her feet warm.

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A hoodie with their favourite NHL team

No doubt you know what your coach’s favourite team is. There are many ways to help him celebrate his first love. Here’s one example of a vintage-jersey styled hoodie:

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Ball Cap

Another way to wear your favourite team.  Even hockey players have to keep the sun out of their eyes.

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Signable Coach Sign

Give your coach a fun memory from the whole team with this signable “coach” art.

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A brand new whistle

While you’re at it, go to town and personalize it.

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A custom puck

There’s more than one use for a team photo. Why not have it permanently set on a hockey puck?

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Medal Rack

If your coach has been coaching for years, it’s about time he had a good place to display his hardware. This one can also serve double duty as a key rack.

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Travel Mug

Whether you want to personalize it, choose one with their favourite team, or celebrate a general love of hockey, everyone loves a good travel mug. Good, as in does not leak.

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Then again, maybe the season calls for a water bottle.

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Don Cherry’s Sports Heroes

the ultimate book of hockey tales told by the always entertaining, often controversial, Don Cherry. This book gets solid five star reviews on Amazon

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Sports Cards

Buy a brand new unopened box, find their favourite players or buy an entire team set. When it comes to sports cards, there are a lot of ways you can share the love of hockey with your coach.

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Hockey Keychain

there are several directions you could go with this. You could honour their favourite team, personalize it with an engraving, or look for anything hockey related that will help them keep their keys visible without being overly cumbersome.

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Team autographed

or not – picture frame. Commemorate the year with a team photo placed in a frame signed by everyone. Make sure you leave room for the coaches signature!

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Hockey Player Bobblehead

it helps to know your coaches NHL player or team. If not, I recommend going with Don Cherry or Wayne Gretzky. Bobbleheads make fun gifts and lots of hockey fans collect them.

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Hockey Clock

nothing says “I love hockey” like this stick and puck display clock.

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A personalized hockey lamp.

Maybe a clock reminds you too much of timed drills? How about shedding a new light on the game?

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Check out this puck lamp.

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Inspirational Quotes by hockey superstars

So yeah, Wayne Gretzky’s name appears again. But the man is arguably one of the best hockey players of all time and he has some words of wisdom that transcends the game of hockey.

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Favourite Jersey Display Case

It might be the quintessential gift for any hockey lover, but it’s one that’s always appreciated.

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